07 May, 2021

Chocolate or coffee

Chocolate or coffee? What seems to be an existential question to many, is the title of our task at the Alphabet challenge this fortnight. I don't consume any of the above in huge amounts, and while I do enjoy chocolate here and there, I never really got used to coffee. At all. Ever. 
I guess I'm an atypical med student here, as the brown magic never kept me awake before exams: I could drink a cup and go straight to bed. Needless to say, I didn't stick with something that doesn't seem to work for me. I have my cappucchino every now and then, but it's mostly for occasions when I'd like to have something warm and sweet - and the amount of sugar I'd add makes my coffe-loving sister roll her eyes in disbelief (and probably in disgust, too).

Anyway, I wanted to create an elaborate card for my DT inspiration, one that would include some sort of chocolate cake with lace and pearls and papers in different shades of brown. But since I had little time to prepare the project, I turned out to be something very different in the end. 
To make it quick, I decided to work around a focal sentiment. I've opted for a coffe-themed one as I think it will be a short note for my sister eventually. I printed it on white cardboard, and placed it on two kinds of background paper: one with a brown-ish swirls, and a plain brown one. 
The cardbase is one of those mini-cards that don't leave much room for embellishments. Still, I decided to add a bit of an eye-catcher by using an edge punch and a couple of pearls. 


23 April, 2021

Chuck chuck, good luck

It's another Friday, and we have a new task over at the Alphabet challenge for you: show us your feathered creatures, because we're looking forward to seeing "birds" this fortnight. I've created a rather simple masculine card for my DT inspiration, featuring a busy woodpecker.
The photo is from an old calendar, I've once cut it to size and enhanced it with a layer of white cardboard. However, I didn't quite figure out how to use it, so it eventually disappeared in my stash. Now, I cut away the white border and opted for a black background instead. I then took this wonderful wooden background paper which I've purchased a couple of years ago in Pardubice. Why Pardubice? Because I love the Czech Republic and Prague in particular, but I also like to explore new places and the city was recommended in one of the Honest Guide episodes. 
After spending a beautiful summer day there with my sister, a shop for crafting supplies has caught my eyes, and long story short: when we returned to Prague, my bag contained not only gingerbread the city is famous for, but also a bunch of colourful papers and other crafting supplies. Also, I now know that "crafting supplies" means "výtvarné potřeby" in Czech, which makes looking for this kind of stuff so much easier :) 
Anyways, once the diligent woodpecker found its home among tons and tons of wood, I still felt like something was missing. Due to the prominent background pattern I found it hard to add a suitable embellishment, but in the end I opted for another thing from my stash. 
I remembered my box of half-finished decorations, which among others hides a couple of stickers that are placed on colourful cardboard, and are waiting to be used some day. 
I picked a red cardboard triangle with a golden sticker on it, and it seemed perfect for some extra bling on the card. However, I decided to partially cover it up in order to keep the main focus on the bird. And suddenly, I didn't feel like changing anything else on my project.

krafty chicks: all occasions
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09 April, 2021


It sounds like a cliche, but boy does time fly! We've barely finished the "Z" task over at the Alphabet challenge, and already we start all over again with the letter "A", meaning we'd like to see your "anniversary" themed creations this fortnight. 
For my DT inspiration, I contemplated the usual anniversary things like hearts and swans and rings, or silver/gold for certain jubilees, but I have no specific events coming up anywhere near me, so I decided to create a rather generic love/anniversary card. 
And for this occasion, I'd like to introduce the newest addition to my stash: a cute little gnome I've received from SheepSkiDesigns just last week. The forget-me-not indicates rememberance, and seemed suitable for the challenge theme (I hope!).
After settling for the motif, I went through my stash looking for a suitable cardbase and background paper. I opted for a red tri-fold card, which results in a design that might remind you of my recent Easter card. Still, I tried to create something that wouldn't be  the exact copy of the bunny project. 
The digi itself is coloured with coloured pencils as usual. However, I only painted it after I've picked everything else for the card - a rather unusual sequence of events as I'll normally finish the main motif first, and only later search my stash for things that might go with it. 
The heart-themed pattern in the background seemed a nice addition to the red card base, and the love theme in general. However, I can't help thinking it distracts the attention from the main motif. Maybe I should stick to the "motif first" thing in future?
In the end, I lined the image with a silver sticker, but it just didn't seem to work for me. After sleeping it over, I replaced the border with a string of tiny white pearls, which seem to fit much better with the overall design. Also, I decided to add a sentiment which could be translated with something along the lines of "still forever". 

26 March, 2021


We're heading into a new two-week task over at the Alphabet challenge, finishing the alphabet with the letter Z. That being said, we'd like to see your "zoology" inspired creations.
I for myself decided to work with napkin decoupage this time, creating small decorative objects like the ones I've made a while ago. Unlike the floral pieces, however, I used the motif of ladybugs.
I cut them from a handkerchief and placed them randomly onto a couple of wooden discs.
On the front, the wood is painted with white acrylic paint, which makes the bugs standing out nicely. On the back side, I used a vibrant red colour, but it didn't occur to me to turn the pieces around during the photo-shoot on Wednesday, and I didn't have the time (or the mood) to take them out again yesterday. Ooops!
I'm not sure about the use of the discs to be honest. I might try to turn them into some kind of Easter/spring decoration, or maybe place a magnet on the back side to turn them into fridge magnets? Or just keep them as they are - some kind of lucky charms?

krafty chicks: all occasions
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a place to startpick a shape (circle)
as you like it: favourite springtime critter (I've chosen ladybugs for this one, because they're one of the first animals buzzing around when the days become warmer. It might not be a common pick among all the bunnies, but Easter can be quite late in spring sometimes, plus I've never really seen a bunny/hare out in the wild. Ladybugs are more "tangible" to me, and the sighting of the first ladybug is a spring-milestone every year.)
C.R.A.F.T.: spring/Easter
love to craft: ATG 

23 March, 2021

Twofer Try

Just a quick try for the current twofercardchallenge before the link-up runs out. 
I didn't plan to do last-minute entry this time, but I've only received my digis from All dressed up a couple of days ago. But how could I not do a last-minute project then? 
I've wanted to try this "twofer" thing for a while now and admire the DT works every month, however, I never really took my time to create two very different things using the same digi. It does take a bit of a twist I guess, two different moods, colour pallets and what not, and I just never felt like I could complete the task as the themes went by.

Recently, though, I found myself as one of the winners over at the All dressed up challenge blog. As I was browsing through their shop to select my prize package, I couldn't help but fall in love with this adorable sleeping bunny. Call me weird, but my immediate thought was something along the lines of "This would look so delicate on a baby's sympathy card". 
While I've been waiting for the digis to arrive, I began to make arrangements in my head as to how it should look like. Once the digis arrived, I went to work. At first, I printed the digis and sentiments, then, I picked a stack of patterned papers that could match my idea. I've also completed my twofer idea in my head: for one project, I kept the idea of a sympathy card, while the other would be a classical thing of "Welcome baby".
I decided to do the happy occasion first, by colouring the bunny in soft brown shades. I picked a pink polka dot paper for the background and added an additional layer of baby-themed embossed paper. In the dend, I placed the bunny on a sheet of pink cardboard and placed a simple "Welcome" sentiment in the lower part of the card. I wanted to add a couple of flowers, too, but I thought shipping will be easier if I keep the card flat.
It is your typical sweet pink baby card even though I lalety realized I'm not a fan of gendering baby items according to stereotypical girls' and boys' colours. I shall do better in future and try to broaden my mindset when it comes to crafting, I promise. 
For the second card, I planned a very CAS design. I opted for a background paper with hearts even though not many of them are visible. I wanted to colour the bunny in a light brown shade at first, but thought that maybe a really light grey is more appropriate for the occasion. I tried to colour the motif by barely touching the paper with my pencils to make sure the colours will be really soft and calm. In the end, I placed a simple line of sympathy in the top right corner of the card.
I'm not sure whether I managed to create something appropriate here, so I'd really like to hear your thoughts. I know that many crafters aren't comfortable with sympathy/condolence cards in general, while I like to create one every now and then. They do have something of a meditation to me, a task that lies not in the card itself, but in the message it brings. 
However, I've never really seen anything suitable for a child, let alone a baby. I can't even imagine how the loss of an infant affects ones life, and I guess with many people feeling this way it leaves the affected families even more alone in their grief. Maybe, if we could just keep our prejudice under control here, the wall of silence wouldn't be so scary for those who'd like to open up about their loss? 
I believe that most of the not-talking comes from a well-intended "not knowing what to say" or "not wanting to say something wrong", but ignoring the topic won't make it disappear, and most importantly won't diminish somebody's agony. 

krafty chicks: CAS
all dressed up: cute critters
always fun challenges: welcome baby
as you like it: favourite way to cut your image (I'll usually go with a square cut that I create with an olfa knife and a ruler, which makes it possible for me to adjust the height and width of the image. I like the idea of controling how much background paper I want to show resp. hide, without spending too much time on fussy cutting with my small scissors or spending money for expensive cutting devices)
love to craft: ATG 

22 March, 2021

Spring flowers

I haven't been around much during winter - not around people, not around town. Partly it was due to the cold, which seems to bother me more and more each year. Mostly, though, I just try to organize my errands in a way that makes it possible to get my things done without getting caught in crowds. 
That being said, I still do visit the farmer's market about once a week, but I'll pick the days that are less busy to do so. And once I have my groceries, I'll usually stroll past the flower stands, too. I might not always pick something, but I just couldn't resist this wonderful bouquet. I probably wouldn't pick such a huge arrangement for myself, but the flowers looked so pretty and I felt like gifting myself, so - why not?
I haven't changed anything about the bouquet once I came home, except for cutting the stems to make them fit into a simple Swedish glass vase. 
The variety of blooms is quite interesting to me, and I like how there's lots of colour, but also lots of white. Especially, I like how the addition of grape hyacinths creates a wonderful spring feeling. 
A contribution to the Friday Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.

12 March, 2021


I'm a bit for the Alphabet challenge today as I had a couple of doctors' appointments today and my DT contribution didn't post automatically as it should have. Anyway, we're having a colour theme this fortnight since the letter Y calls for "yellow" on your projects. 
I had to go home two weeks ago, meaning I wouldn't have access to my crafting stuff - a realization that only hit me two days before leaving! The solution was simple: I'd have to come up with something, and I'd have to come up with it fast. The limited time meant I'd have to go with something CAS, and once again, I was saved by the wonderful digis of bugaboo.
I've chosen a simple flower to work with, but didn't use quite a lot of yellow on the image itself. Instead, I opted for a bright yellow background paper, which has a floral pattern embossed on it. As usual, I placed the coloured image on an extra layer of coloured cardboard. The dark brown makes sure the attention stays with the other colours, and also complements the kraft card base. For a bit of fun, I added two strips of ribbons: a green one with clovers, and a red one with white dots on it.
Since their ends would go over the front part of the card, I decided to cover them up by using a punched ornament in yellow and white. I think it does resemble a flower if you use your imagination.
On the inside of the card, I added three smaller blooms made of lace, which complete the floral theme of the card.
Instead of a hand written note, I placed a cutout from a magazine that could be translated as "What makes you feel brave and strong?" It's a rather difficult question to ask yourself, and even more difficult to answer, but it's worth a try. 
The card was meant as a cheer-me-up for mom, which is why I've worked with unusually bright colours, lots of floral things and an overall fun and easy design. It was well received, but the answers might take some more time. 

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as you like it: favourite way to cut your image (I'll usually print my images on white paper and cut it to the right size using an ordinary Olfa knife and a ruler. With thicker paper or cardboard, I'll sometimes work with my small scissors to fussy cut, but most of the time I prefer a square shaped cut-out which gives me the opportunity to adjust the height and width of my image. I like how changing the amount of white space around your motif can change the perception of the whole image, and consequently, your whole card.)
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