24 May, 2023


Hello and forgive me for the late appearance over here. I didn't feel well all weekend (no particular illness, just persistent pain issues and feeling overwhelmingly tired), meaning I spent the past days in bed. I'm trying to get back on track again, but I barely find the energy to fulfill bassic evreryday tasks.
Anyway, while I've been away, a new challenge has started over at the Alphabet challenge blog. Our theme this fortnight is "Dragonflies", which is self explanatory. Include a dragonfly on your crafting project and you're in for the game. 
For my DT project, I decided to prepare an embroidered card again. I haven't made paper embroidery in a while, and I was really looking forward to making a card that is not some sort of last-minute CAS project. 
I took this beautiful dragonfly pattern from my stash, contemplating which colour of yarn I should use on it. As I couldn't decide between silver and gold, I decided to have a look at my paper stash and see which papers would better match the dragonfly motif. I found this beautiful pattern of leafs and tiny dragonflies, which I matched with a golden shimmering background paper. To go with the colour scheme, I took a piece of green shimmering paper, and golden yarn for the embroidery. I spent an overall of two evenings pricking and stitching the pattern while listening to ASMR videos on youotube, creating my own ASMR bubble. 
Once I was done, I placed the golden dragonfly onto 3D adhesive pads to distinguish it from the card base. I decided to add a strip of patterned paper in the background while leaving part of the white card base visible, because I think it makes the entire project look more airy. Also, I think the white card base goes well with the white cardboard in the background of the golden dragonfly. In the very end, I decided against adding a couple of rhinestones as I thought I'd limit the shimmer to the two papers and the dragonfly motif.
A little contribution to the collection of hand-stitching at made with Blümchen.

krafty chicks: CAS
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little red wagon: flora or fauna
nachteulen: ATG
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use your stuff: use a technique (paper embroidery - I'm not sure whether it fits your definition of technique, if not, feel free to remove me from the link-up)

06 May, 2023


Hello and welcome back to the Alphabet challenge. Before we start with the new challenge, I'd like to thank everybody who played along at the challenge I hosted. It was a small selection of participants, but I really hope you all had fun with your black & white projects. For the letter C, we have an easy task again: we'd like to see "Cats", so make sure to feature those furry creatures on whatever you create.
I for myself needed quite some time to navigate through that theme. First, I wanted to use one of those beautiful vintage cat images to create a multi layer vintage card. Then, I thought I'd use paper embroidery. I picked a couple of cat patterns, but right before I could pick my favourite, I happened to catch a nasty angina from my mom. I could barely breathe and swallow for about a week, and needless to say, I hade to put my crafting on hold. Once I was OK again, I didn't have the time to focus on something super time-consuming. Looking for alternatives, I remembered this beautiful background paper with paw prints from my stash. I'm not sure whether it features cat or dog paws, but when I looked them up on the internet, I figured that both look kind of similar. I placed the paper onto a kraft card base, and started looking for cat elements that would go with it. 
I thought I'd go with something simple to make sure the paper in the background will still be visible, and in the end, I opted for a cat silhouette. The image comes from the internet, I transfered it onto black cardboard and fussy cut the outlines. I then placed it onto a piece of white cardboard, which I enhanced with a piece of black paper. I then used 3D adhesive pads to mount the image onto the card base. Once that was done, I tried to figure out a way to embellish the cat silhouette. I tried paper flowers and punched butterflies, but nothing seemed to fit: no matter what I did, the card looked too thick, too busy, and overall, too "blah". 
In the end, I took three black rhinestones and placed them into the left upper corner. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but it's the best I could come up with. I hope my cat creation will inspire you to join us in our link-up, if not, you may find your inspiration in this princess that resides at mom's aunt's place. 
If neither seems to work for you, I suggest you have a look at what my DT mates have prepared :)

crafty catz: ATG with optional twist "masculine"
critter crazy: ATG animals
love to craft: ATG 
path of positivity: ATG positive with optional twist "inspired by nature"

21 April, 2023

Black & white

Hello and welcome to a new challenge over at the Alphabet challenge blog. It was my turn to pick the theme for the upcoming fortnight, and I'll be picking the winners, too. 
I decided to go easy with a "Black & white" challenge for the letter B. You can link up anything you like as long as it includes those two colours only. I can't wait to have a look at your creations! First things first, though, let me telly you that our DT has prepared some awesome inspirational projects for you, so jump over to their pages to have a look!

I for myself present you a black and white card. It's a rather simple project, and honestly, it was a bit of a crafting accident. At first, I thought I'd create a non-card project for you, but with some unexpected errands, I wouldn't be able to spend much time in my crafting corner. That being said, I started looking for black and white papers to create a card. I wanted to create something along the lines of "simple, but effective", meaning to hide the fact that it would be - again - a rather quick and easy card from me. However, it was easier said than done, as I had to realize that papers with black and white only were hard to find. I do have black cardboard in my stash, as well as different white papers, mostly with embossed motifs, but I couldn't possible think of a way to combine them into something meaningful without adding some other colour. Finally, I remembered those swirly black and white sheets I got myself ages ago when I was visiting my sister in Wuppertal. I figured I could combine them with some black and/or white papers from my stash, but I didn't want to produce a sympathy card, so I went for the next best occasion: an elegant black & white birthday card. I cut a piece of black cardboard and placed it onto a white cardbase. I then cut out a piece of the patterned paper, and tried to place it onto the card. I didn't want to fully cover the base, as I figured that an asymetrical arrangement would be better for such a colourless card. Also, I thought it would be a real challenge to place a sentiment and/or embellishments onto a card that would consist of square elements only. 
That being said, I decided to place the patterned paper in the upper part of my card, while the lower part would remain black. This way, I created a blank canvas that could feature a simple (birthday) greeting. The text is printed, cut, and placed onto a strip of black paper. I like how it's almost invisible against the black background as I didn't use 3D adhesive pads, as if the greeting comes out of nowhere. However, upon closer inspection you may realize that there's a tiny "step" in place of the sentiment, as the additional cardboard layer stands out a bit as the additional layer of cardboard distinguishes from the background. 
Now for the accident part: For the upper part of my card, I originally planned to use the other side of the patterned paper, namely the one that features black floral swirls on the white background. However, when I turned the piece around to apply adhesive tape, it struck me that the white-on-black pattern looks even better on the card. I think it has to do with the fact that the black background melts into the black cardbase, whereas the white background would be standing out, not merging with the blackness around it. 

Once both pieces were secure, I couldn't help feeling like something was missing. In an attempt to fix the issue, I took a strip of tiny white pearls from my stash, and placed two lines of pearls in the lower part of my card: one line lies directly on the lower end of the card, white the other marks a border between the black card base and the patterned cardboard. It's interesting to see how this little step changed my project completely, bringing attention to the bottom part of my card, creating some sort of frame for the sentiment. With a limited selection of papers and embellishments, the card itself ended up very gender neutral, however, I can't help visualizing a male recipient. I'm not sure whether the load of pearls I added is suitable for a gentleman or not, as I would never place that amount of pearls on any card, but as they seem to blend in well with the background they might be acceptable still. What do you think? 


07 April, 2023


Hello and welcome to yet another challenge over at the Alphabet challenge blog. We're at the beginning of the Alphabet again, and for the letter A, we'd like to see "Adorable" creations. It should be an easy task for you as you can show us literally anything under the condition that it's cute. 
As the challenge starts just in time for  Easter, I decided to create a quick Easter card. 
The image I worked with comes from a pack of patterned papers created by Nina Štajner, however, it is not the paper itself I used. I saved these adorable Easter bunnies from the album cover, as they were way too cute to land in the trash. Once I cut out the main motif, I placed it onto a green background paper. I then used 3D adhesive pads to glue the image onto a white embossed paper with swirls. For the card base, I took some kraft paper as it seemed to fit the earthy tones of my creation.
I like how the pattern gives a bit of life to the scenery without taking too much attention away from the bunnies. Also, it could resemble a bit of April snow as the last couple of days have been very cold. For a bit of bling, I then added a couple of shimmering rhinestones. I opted for a light green shade as I thought it would match the pastel colours of my card. 
The card has already found a new recipient as the bunnies hopped off to a wonderful lady I've met last year. It's a mix of an Easter greeting and a "Thank you" card, which is why I've deliberately left it without a sentiment. Nevertheless, it was well received and will have a special place in her office :) 

allsorts challengeblog: ATG with optional twist "spring garden"
as you like it: pearls or gems (I like to use both of them and often find myself adding pearls and/or gems long after I thought I was done with my projects. I'll opt for gems if I feel like my card needs a bit of bling, as I don't really use glitter or other forms of sparkle. I think gems are a perfect alternative as they don't make a mess, they come in different colours, and also act as a nice 3D element which makes it possible for me to create depth in my creations. I also think that in contrast to "normal" pearls, their shiny appearance will create a more lively card, while the touch-up by using pearls seems to be more static if that makes sense.)
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25 March, 2023


Hello and welcome to our last challenge of the alphabet wheel over at the Alphabet challenge blog. Despite the fact that the end of the alphabet comes with a couple of tricky letters, we'll finish it with a theme that should be comfortable to everybody: Zodiac. You may draw your inspiration from the zodiac (i. e. the 12 constellations of the stars), but you could also take the respective signs to create something inspired by stars, animals... I'm sure you'll come up with ways to surprise us!
I for myself thought I'd use some actual zodiac signs as I have a nice collection of embroidery patterns that feature (western) zodiac signs. I've used one of them ages ago to use it in a star-inspired card. However, I wasn't sure whether I'd have enough time for the time-consuming paper embroidery. To be on the safer side, I opted for an alternative interpretation of the challenge theme. As the season of confirmations and first communions is coming, I thought I'd use the symbol of a fish to create a simple confirmation card. I had this wonderful fish background in my stash for ages, and decided to finally use it on my card. I like how the colour scheme is kept in silver and white, meaning the final card would be gender neutral. I also like how the background paper will shimmer depending on the light conditions, making the tiny fish come to life. 
Since I absolutely wanted to show this beautiful background, I tried to keep the rest of the card rather simple. I even took a grey marbled card base to begin with, since I thought that a white card would create too much of a border. To break the geometric lines, I used zig-zag  scissors, which helped me turn the straight lines of the cardbase into a wavy edging.
I then took a couple of fish stickers from my sticker stash and placed them onto a piece of white cardboard to create the main motif. Once that was done, I took a strip of shimmering silver paper which I placed over the background paper. I wanted to show as many fish as possible, but I thought that an entire background of fish in addition to the main motif might be too much. The idea was to cover a bit of the background to create a bit of depth and diversity. To prevent the silver strip from being too boring, I blinged it up with two ribbons: For the base, I took a grey piece with tiny loops on the sides, atop of which I placed a plain white ribbon. I then added a row of tiny white pearls for additional bling and a bit of a 3D effect. 
I then looked for ways to merge my main motif into the scenery. In my stash, I found a paper with a subtle check pattern, which fits nicely as it reminds me of a fishing net. It doesn't lock the sticker fish into their white compartment, but rather creates a transition between the white square and the fish pattern in the back. 
Since the card has no recepient yet, I decided to finish it like it is. Any additional elements such as a dedication will be placed on the inside of the card, as there's enought space there for that purpose, while I feel like the outside doesn't need anything else to be complete. 

krafty chicks: all occasions
as you like it: people or critters (Unless I have a really great "people" image or a specific request, I'll always pick critters over people. For one, I'm not very confident with colouring people, always worrying about the hair and skin. Other than that, I'm never sure about how to incorporate people in my crafting projects at all. With animals on the other hand, I feel lots of creative freedom: I use them in main motifs as well as in form of embellishments (bugs, butterflies), and I never get tired of them in general.)
crafty catz: ATG
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everybody art: animals/pets
fabnfunky: lots of layers
friendship challenge: ATG
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10 March, 2023


Can you believe we're having a new challenge over at the Alphabet challenge blog already? I'm not sure where my time is going, but it certainly runs too fast at times! 
Anyway, we're featuring the letter Y this fortnight, and we'd like to see yummy stuff on your creations. Feel free to use any technique you like, and show us whatever "yummy" means to you. As always, it's not required to make a card in order to participate in our challenge, and with that being said, I wonder if we will get to see any culinary creations/recipies? Feel free to surprise us!
For my DT inspiration, I prepared a card. I printed this yummy Bugaboo digi ages ago, but it never made it onto my desk due to other projects. With our current challenge theme, the (birthday) cake seemed more than perfect, so I finally decided to make it shine. I coloured the motif with coloured pencils, working with bright colours to create a feeling of celebration. 
Once I was done, I placed the image onto a piece of beige background paper with swirls that are almost entirely covered up. I then took a bold zig-zag pattern for the main background, which I placed directly onto the card base. 
In the very end, I added a couple of colourful gemstones that could resemble confetti, or even party lights. 


25 February, 2023

Love bird

I'm back after a short crafting break (being busy with other things), and it was so great to prepare my DT inspiration for the upcoming Alphabet challenge. The final letters of the alphabet are tricky sometimes, but we have an easy task for you this fortnight: we'd like to see hugs & kisses for the letter X (as in: xoxoxo). As I was digging through my stash, I wondered how to interprete the theme. I found a little piece of a paper album cover, and I decided to cut out the cute bird it featured. I like the combination of peachy tones, and I don't think I've ever created with them, so it was a bit of a challenge for me, too. 
Once I was done cutting the bird motif, I decided to place it onto a kraft background that could be used as a bopokmark or a tag. Before doing so, I used an additional layer of light creme paper, because I thought it would fit better than a sterile white background. After I cut the bird to the right size, I realized I had just enough bird-leftovers to punch two tiny hearts. I placed them atop of the bird, as if it was singing a love song.
On the other side of my tag, I used a white swirly paper. I combined it with a piece of light yellow paper, and placed a strip of tiny white pearls onto the border between the two backgrounds. I decided to leave the embossed swirls as they are, and placed a tiny dedication in the lower part of my tag: nothing special, just a few golden letters saying "For you", and a pair of golden hearts to match the hearts on the other side.
Once that was done, I added a few tiny pearls around the bird, and started looking for a way to complete my tag. I couldn't find anything matching in my ribbon stash, so I decided to take this super long piece of golden thread, and layer it up by folding it multiple times. Then, I created a knot around the tag to hold the "tassles" in place. They're rather long and I like them that way, but I might shorten them a bit when the tag will be placed on a gift. Or maybe I'll just create a massive golden bow? 
When everything was done, I thought I'd add another golden sticker on top of the tag. I didn't want to leave this part of the tag empty, and I thought a bit of gold would create a nice transition between the golden tassles and the bird motif. However, I couldn't find anything suitable in my sticker stash. No golden swirl seemed to fit the way I wanted, until I went through my Christmas stickers, where I finally found a variation of a golden star. I like how it had an opening in the middle, perfect to place it around the opening of the tag. Also, I think since the beams are so close together, it almost makes it look like a sun, rather than a Christmas star. How do you like my solution, and my tag in general? Does it spark a bit of the lovey dovey spring feeling, or are you still buried in winter wonderland?

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