16 August, 2019

An unexpected rescue

Another quick post, another card. We're still at the "Sympathy/Get well" challenge of Scrapping4Fun, because after I finished my unexpected "Get well" card, I somehow still wanted to carry out my originally planned "Sympathy" project. 
As the motif is rather simple, the colouring was done rather quickly using differet shades of brown except for the sun that is setting behind the tree scenery. Since I decided to stay away from any fussy embellishments for the card itself, I'd mainly play with the colours I've chosen for the image itself. I glued a handwriting-inspirded wrapping paper on the brown card base, and took a dark brown piece of cardboard from my stash to place the printed image on a stable background.
Upon doing so, I managed to create a unevenness in one part of the ceterpiece and since I couldn't seem to remove the double-sided adhesive tape in order to rearrange the image, I thought I'd have to let it be. 
However, no matter how I tried to look at it, the bump was clearly visible and there was no way to tell myself it wouldn't be *that* bad because it absolutely was. 
I considered removing the image entirely to save the card base at least, but as it meant I'd have to re-print and re-colour the whole thing, I decided to put everything aside for a day or two.
Until I remembered this tiny brown ribbon I've purchased a while ago just because I thought it looked cute and might be useful in some of my upcoming fall projects. 
Turns out it was more than useful to mask the adhesive tape mishap by placing the ribbon all the way from one side of the card to the other. Partially, it covers up the bump itself, but most importantly, it seems to me like it diverts attention away from what lies underneath the brown zig zag.
Also, it turned out to match nicely into the colour scheme even though it wasn't planned to be there at all, and even though it might be just a coincidence, it certainly is a pretty good reason to keep getting those "just in case" things that *might* be useful some day.
A little contribution to the August collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

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No ache like a toothache

When I was invited to be part of the GDT for the upcoming challenge over at Scrapping4Fun, I immediately had a quick brainstorming for ideas as well as a peek in my stash to see what I could use for the "Sympathy/Get well" theme. In my collection of printed but still uncoloured images I found one that wuld go with the sympathy part of the challenge, however, I didn't manage to get to work soon, so I just put everything aside for the moment. 
And while the moment passed, it happened that a friend of mine developed a nasty toothache which soon progressed to a massive swelling, which needed medical attendance asap. Unfortunately, his doctor's idea to try to resolve the situation without antibiotics backfired, leading to more toothache, swelling and the formation of granulomas (even though it absolutely does make sense in many, many cases due to the massive problem of antibiotic resistance, just not in this case). Eventually, antibiotics did bring some kind of relief (which I hope will be permanent as he decided to discontinue treatment based on his subjective idea of feeling better, which doesn't make sense in any case).
While we'll see what comes next, I decided to make a little "Get well" note using a rather simple card layout with four squares. My original idea was to use a vintage dentist-themed print which I found at the Graphics Fairy ages ago. I thought it would look cute alongside with a "get well" tag in one corner and some other embellishments in the other. 
Once I printed my images, however, I noticed the doctor's clothing isn't as black as I imagined it to be, meaning I had to create a darker look by painting that part over with a black coloured pencil. After that, I took a sheet of dark red cardboard from my stash to use it as a background layer. 
On the first image (aka "A strong pull") that is slightly taller than the other, I added extra width by using zig zag scissors to create a vivid border which I later decorated with tiny white pearls.
For the second image (aka "The Result"), I decided to keep the width and height equal, however, as it had plenty of white space above the print, I filled it with a pair of starry silver stickers. 
When it came to finishing the rest of the card, I decided to place a tooth-theme in the upper corner. While the flash/lightning is my own creation, I got the tooth silhouette from a clipart image I found online. I printed out the layout and transferred it on a white cardboard, which I then cut out and lined wth a black marker. And while I placed the flash directly on the background, I put the tooth on a couple of 3D pads to make it stand out a little more. To match the dark red background of the vintage images, I thought I'd go with a red checkered paper for the rest of my project. And even though I thought I'd be finishhed with this part of the card already, I just couldn't resist adding a couple of gemstones from my stash, emphasising the pain that makes you "see stars", as we say. 
In the last corner of the card, I skipped the white paper, meaning I'd place the "get well" tag directly  onto the checkered background. Also, I made the message look like it's a whole bunch of tags, which are glued onto each other, supported by 3D pads, and decorated with a tiny bow from my stash. 
Upon closer inspection, one can see that neither of the "white" papers I mentioned (except for the one that gave me the tooth) isn't really white - I used these slightly beige pieces on purpose as I think they match the vintage theme better than a totally white-ish white surface. 
Anyway, as the card is delivered, and I certainly hope the toothache episode will come to a happy end soon.
A little contribution to the August collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

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One last dark red match of the day, because there's nothing like flowers covered with raindrops after a summer storm.

06 August, 2019

Lucky at last

After a rather strange experience with accompanying patients to a set of diagnostic procedures in Germany and an even stranger one which didn't even happen, I subconsciously avoided further involvement in the project. I did think of volunteering often and almost signed up for the job a couple of times, only to find myself worrying about what kind of people I'd meet this time - until I'd let it all be and stay home. By November, however, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give it another chance. With a planned surgery, I knew what to expect in terms of timetable and workload. In terms of the patient, I'd just hope for the best.
Turns out, "best" was a gross understatement since the guy turned out to be close to amazing. You'd rarely find such a positive attitude in perfectly healthy individuals, not to mention his motivation, dedication and psychophysical fitness. Needless to say, I was fire and flame before we even took off, and the feeling would prove right throughout another Erlangen experience. 
Since we really clicked well, I'd spend much more time than necessary in the hospital, often just walking up and down the halls in an attempt to kill time and achieve his daily fitness goals. 
See my dedication has no limits whatsoever if I just get a sense of appreciation paired with being surrounded by the right people. 
And whenever I was off duty, I would find myself wandering the green places of Erlangen while letting my mind let go of everything. Only that the places this time weren't exactly green at all. For most of the time, the city would be covered in shades of grey, while nature covered itself in autumn wardrobe. 
The Botanical garden was pretty as ever, despite (or just because of) the fact that it was emptier than usual. 
This, on the other hand, would invite wild animals to come closer than they normally would... 
... which would go hand in hand with wandering around through the display of colours and not meeting a soul. Because it's little things like this that will make an introvert's heart beam of joy, regardless of the rather unfriendly weather.
Of course, the signs of autumn would reach past the Botanical garden itself.
The nearby city park was all covered in gold, too...
... as well as various places throughout the city center. 
And since accompanying a surgery would mean early morning wake-ups...
... I'd even find myself pondering up my favourite hill before breakfast, with the morning frost suggesting I should have brought my cap and gloves with me. 
However, the icy crystals would disappear as soon as the sun came out, meaning the days were still pretty much nice, comfortable, and full of colours. 
And once inside the greenhouses, one could walk through never-ending summer anyway.
By the time my Erlangen experience came to an end, though, outdoor flowers became rare...
... birds would remember their habit of visiting the feeding station...
... and slowly but surely, first signs of Christmas time began to appear in the city itself. 
And from the looks, Christmas in Erlangen sounds like something I should try sometime.