30 June, 2015

Let's dance

And this is what my original weekend-post was meant to look like: a warm summer evening on Prešeren square, two girls performing various pieces of classical ballet.
A lovely way to end the day, and get lost in music. Whether it's the soft tunes of The Swan...
... or the seducing ones of Carmen.
La Bayadère, I guess, and probably Giselle
And, last but not least, variations from Swan Lake - White and Black Swan.


Treasured memories that hurt so much and ease the pain at the same time.
A second that could have turned lives into different directions.
Facts that make a sunrise seem so unreal...
Who is ever going to fill the emptiness that remains?

25 June, 2015

Strawberry fields

Well, it's not exactly "fields", but the bed of wild strawberries in our garden is giving a wonderful yield this year. It does take a while to get through the shrubbery, but the outcome is amazing :)

And the smell... Nothing comes close to the smell of fresh, ripe wild strawberries...

21 June, 2015

Tour de Slovenie 2015, stage 1 (Ljubljana, June 18) ~ Follow the Blue Train

Somewhere between exams, a dentist appointment, a weekwnd at home and my internship that starts tomorrow, I managed to visit the Tour de Slovenie which started on Thursday with a time trial in Ljubljana.
Unlike last year, the start list included Jani, brought to the race by United Healthcare. Needless to say that once I arrived in the city center, I barely moved from their camper :)

A few impressions from the warm-up:
Nejc - newest addition to the family
Off to work
 May it be a common view for the peloton
At the start ramp
8 kilometers later
Post-race interview
Just to prove there were other teams at the start, too ;)
What is a race without goodies?