21 May, 2014


Another post to show what I have done some time ago: my first really big calligraphy project, done on my own.
I'm still working on my writing, but I love those beautiful initial letters, even though I'm still a "subcontractor". I have done a "D" with coloured ink in this style before as part of a diploma, and the request this time was a black "H" on an A4 paper. My eyes hurt by the time it was done, and yet it was so much fun to do. I think it looks great, and I'm not saying that because I made it ;)
I think some initials like this put in frame would make a fantastic decoration. All I need to decide is which ones I'll do and where to put them.

18 May, 2014

Spiral necklace

Two simple spiral necklaces.
I started the pink one a while ago, but ran out of beads. Now, I managed to finish it. It's a rather small one as it's meant for a baby girl.
For the yellow one, I used a mix of beads, which makes it look a bit more chaotic on the first sight, but also a bit more playful. The light pastel colours remind me of stars, which fits nicely with the star clasp.

15 May, 2014

Polymer clay

Once upon a time... I was crafting with polymer clay.
Actually, polymer clay was the reason that probably got me into crafting a couple of years ago. It all started with a "Bottles of Hope" workshop in the Maximarket when I met Klavdija and entered the world of fimo clay :)
Which again led me to the crafting forum "Otok zakladov", where I probably re-discovered my childhood creativity - first with paper, later with polymer clay, and now mostly with beads.
However, I seem to be completely out of touch with polymer clay. I guess my most productive time was the time of "Bottles of Hope" and workshops with Klavdija, but then I somehow put my fimo materials aside for "later".
I did take them out a couple of times for a few projects, but most of them remained unfinished. Just like those two pendants and the ring. After the baking was done, it took me ages to get them polished, lacquered... And it was only now that I finally put the pendants on a string!
I better don't show the pendants that are still waiting :(

09 May, 2014


Today, some cards that I have created during the Easter holidays.
Mostly, I take greeting cards as a challenge, as trying something new, but sometimes it also means using up stuff that accumulates with time - papers, pictures, old calenders, pearls... Even old greeting cards that I once made but wasn't entirely pleased with.
They all usually end up in a little more "simple" greeting cards than otherwise done by me, but sometimes I go with the saying "Less is more" ;)

07 May, 2014

Baby blue

Today, here's one of the "have-to-try-this-pattern" cards I usually start with no exactly idea of how they will end up. However, once I stitched the silver swirls and added those blue pearls, I suddenly remembered this white dotted paper and thought it would fit nicely with two different shades of blue.
Makes a cute blue baby card :) and it's almost a crime it had to wait since October to be presented.
What really strikes me is, Why making blue baby cards in October without knowing there are baby boys on the way?

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01 May, 2014

Birthday set

Birthday set for a girl who turned 11. The birthday wish was a heart-pendant, so I made a red-and-white delica triangle and a matching box with her initial letter.
I decided to make it a "2 in 1" triangle which she can wear on both sides, depending on whether she prefers hearts or a simple geometric pattern.