28 April, 2016

Between the seasons

One of the advantages of living between two countries: one may chose the seasons as they come and go through the regions. So, after a couple of sunny days in Ljubljana, I decided it was time to head home for a break. Since I had postponed my exam to get some additional learning time, I even took my notes with me, but one can probably guess I didn't even take them out of my backpack. Sounds like last-minute learning again :(
Anyway, I managed to catch some sights of spring that are already gone in Slovenia. And what can be better than another season of lilac? :)
With the cold wind however, it was neither a perfect time for picnic by the Hodiško jezero/Keutschacher See (except of the sheep fondling) nor a trip to the observationtower atop Jedvovca/Pyramidenkogel or a walk by the Jezernica/Glanfurt at the East end of Vrbsko jezero/Wörthersee.
Turns out it was probably an introduction to another seasons change, this time to winter. At least the cold outside won't tempt me to run away from my books :)
A little contribution to the gallery of sky images at Raumfee.


As nature awakens, nothing is better than strolling through a wonderful photo exhibition at the promenade of park Tivoli...
... walking through the old city center and being photobombed by a hummingbird at the Ljubljanica riverside :)
... and another quick escape to the Radensko polje that has obviously turned green since my last visit. The simple spring flowers and pussy willow catkins by the blank riverside have been replaced by a blooming flower meadow full of busy bees.
And apart from a couple of lazy cats, everything seems to be alive in the fields of gold.