16 April, 2016

My favourite scent

Just a quick post for this week's Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen
I can hardly believe how green everything has become in the past days, and how everything outside is blooming. Busy with last-minute learning, I can only hope the beauty of spring will last some more so I'll be able to explore it next week (I really will start on time for my next exam, promise!). Until then, it's just the view outside my window and a bouquet of flowers on my shelf.
On my way home recently, my favourite scent traveled up my olfactory pathway, and I couldn't believe I almost missed lilac this year - who would believe it's in full bloom already?
First thing next day: a walk through the flower market in hope to spot some lilac. I thought I'd rather not lurk around foreign apartment buildings ;) and an elderly lady actually did sell bouquets of purple. Yay!
When I came home, I cut the branches and arranged them in a glass that came with an apricot compote. It ended up with a little asymmetry, but well... 
After days of bloom and beautiful smell (I somehow hoped the bulbs would open up but they didn't), I threw most of the lilac away and stil got a small remain for another week. One I'll hopefully get to spend outside :)

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