28 April, 2016

Between the seasons

One of the advantages of living between two countries: one may chose the seasons as they come and go through the regions. So, after a couple of sunny days in Ljubljana, I decided it was time to head home for a break. Since I had postponed my exam to get some additional learning time, I even took my notes with me, but one can probably guess I didn't even take them out of my backpack. Sounds like last-minute learning again :(
Anyway, I managed to catch some sights of spring that are already gone in Slovenia. And what can be better than another season of lilac? :)
With the cold wind however, it was neither a perfect time for picnic by the Hodiško jezero/Keutschacher See (except of the sheep fondling) nor a trip to the observationtower atop Jedvovca/Pyramidenkogel or a walk by the Jezernica/Glanfurt at the East end of Vrbsko jezero/Wörthersee.
Turns out it was probably an introduction to another seasons change, this time to winter. At least the cold outside won't tempt me to run away from my books :)
A little contribution to the gallery of sky images at Raumfee.

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