30 January, 2014

Pretty pearls

Several years ago, I got this imitation of freshwater-pearls as a gift. I never wore it as the gems are pretty huge for me, but mom used to like it very much back then.
Actually, the clasp finally broke away due to the frequent use, and I took the necklace back to fix it. 
However, it was only this year that I finally sat down to get it done, adding a strong magnetic clasp with crystals. Unfortunately, my restauration works took so long that mom changed her jewelry-style in the meantime and preferrs other kind of necklaces now.
Good for my little sister, especially as it fits perfectly to her beautiful summer dress!

17 January, 2014

It's a man's man's man's world

There's this special thing about cards for a guy: all too soon one might end up with too many colours and too many flowers. Some might even fear lack of motives, but for a crafter with an averagely working phantasy this should be no excuse.
After sketching, trying, re-sketching, some paper-issues and my usual dilemma about details when the rough outline is done, I present my first "bikini-card". I preferred no to use rich decorations in this case, as they would just draw the attention from the essentials ;)
One might say black is not really a birthday card colour, but honestly - I wouldn't mind getting lingerie like this!  
Due to the rose o the bra, the card didn't fit in a standard envelope, but the problem can be solved with a custom-made box ;)
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14 January, 2014

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them" ~ H. Matisse

When we were kids, we used to create our very own greeting cards with mom, using different techniques and materials. 
5 years ago, I decided to make a birthday card for a very special person in my life, and somehow re-discovered my passion for papers. As it's this time of year again, it's right to say "Happy birthday" and send a basket full of flowers with best wishes ;)