30 March, 2016

Busy Easter

Time is flying again, and it has been a while since I've done any craftng. 
In fact, I'm constantly working with paper but as I'm busy with one of my last (and biggest) exams, it's rather books than scrapping. Well... 
And as I'm trying to be disciplined :) the holidays passed without any decorating, eggs or taking major time off. Just a visit from home, going to see mom's aunt and an exhibition of Easter eggs at the Ljubljana castle
Looks like various easter bunnies have been really busy, too, as the collection contained all kinds of eggs in different materials, techniques and sizes. From ones traditionally painted with onionskin and plants to scratched ones, to those decorated with straws, yarn, tissue, stones, crocheting, mosaic, pearls and other kinds of bling, and even eggs made of paper and wood. 
Among all, my favourites: drsanke and pisanice from Bela krajina - can't help ;)
Almost as bright and colourful as the eggs underneath - the unique ceiling of the castle chapel.
Dove love

12 March, 2016

Simple in white

I didn't really expect to get myself flowers for the week, but walking through the flower market, these caught my eyes. 
After I cut the branch into pieces that would fit my small bubble vase, I put the green leftovers into a white mini-orchid pot.
A little contribution to the Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.

Unfortunately, the sky decided to go with "simple in white", too.
However, after a long sleep-in and an extensive warm shower (gotta love extensive warm showers on a Saturday morning), I had my planespotting highlight of the day: because I couldn't find my camera as they were flying directly above my head for the frst time, the guys of EasyJet decided to make a go-around at LJU and showed up at above my place again for a proper shot. 
Well, they probably had a better reason doing so, but as long as the AvGeek side of me gets happy I'll continue thinking it was for me :)

08 March, 2016

An unexpected journey

Last week of February: While checking my mail, I see a translator is needed to accompany a girl undergoing surgery abroad.

Saturday: After a first meeting to exchange information, I'm pretty confident I'd cick off on Tuesday as planned. In fact, so confident that I start looking for train connections and book a ticket. (Coludn't help looking for flights, too, but dismissed the idea due to uncertain date of return.)

Sunday: Trying to obtain some additional information, I learn the trip will not take place as planned due to some last-minute complications. 
*Bummer. What shall I do with my one-way ticket that doesn't include a refund policy?*

Monday forenoon: Just after re-organizing my week and returning home from grocery shopping, I receive a mom's call whether I'd still be willing to do the trip anyway as things fell into place in the end. Or maybe just be willing to think it over once more before giving a final response.
*Uhm... No thinking over needed. I'm going. No worries.*

Monday afternoon: After thinking sets in, I realize I'll need to get rid of a whole lot of food (that's what friends are for - ha!) and start packing really soon. Oh well...

On Tuesday already, my way would lead me through blue skies and snow towards a rather rainy Tübingen, or rather, straight to the hospital to meet the family and start the first consultations. 
And there was evening, and there was morning - the first day. (Gen 1:5)
Busy with appointments, examinations and lots of waiting in-between, I'd spend most of the time getting to know each other, explaining situations and procedures, as well as translating everyday's situations and needs. 
Sights of the city were limited to a quick rush through the old town with its medieval houses, narrow streets, a huge castle atop the hill and a rather dirty Neckar. Did I like it? I'm not sure. Even if I consider a special bonus due to the fact I had no time to prepare and probably didn't see much, I couldn't find it appealing. A grey city without a soul, it seemed, one that would give me a major depression in no time if I was to live here. 
Does it look better on a sunny day? Well... 
It does have a mystical glow as the fog rises above the surrounding hills...
Tiny old streets and typical houses...
A steep way towards the castle that reminds you of your non-existing fitness...
And awards you with views of the Neckar valley and the city underneath.
And even kissing trees in the castle park...
Apart from the medical success, I found myself surprisingly happy to head home again. I don't say "abroad" is not an option, however, this one didn't steal my heart, no matter how I turn it. 
A nice little escape from routine, and the feeling to have helped, but staying here permanently? Nah.
Home, sweet home :)
A little contribution to the gallery of sky images at Raumfee.