15 May, 2016


A quick last-minute contribution to the Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen, pink spring-ish decoration from the neighbour apartment building.
I've spotted the blooming bush on my way from the grocery store, but I didn't dare to approach it due to people on the streets. I thought of coming back in the dark, however there's always the chance somebody will walk the dog in the early morning or evening hours. 
Finally, I discovered the perfect moment: just before the storm began, with everyone staying inside or trying to get home as soon as possible, I slipped past the parked cars, ducked behind the bush and took off with a couple of branches just before heavy wind turned into heavy rain :)

Turns out I could actually dig out one of my latest cards and make a quick 2 in 1 photo-shooting.
Once again, I've stitched the swirly pattern, decorated it with pearls and placed it on a matching background paper featuring pink roses. 
A little contribution to the May collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

- as you like it: patterned or embossed papers (although I like to work with both, I usually prefer paterned papers, they're so handy to be used as background papers to whatever I use as the center of my creations)
- basteltanten: flowers
- deep ocean: flowers
- double D challenges: mother's day/happy birthday
- everybody art: flowers
- fussy and fancy: birthdays
- in the pink: happy ATG
- robyns fetish: favourite colours (I couldn't possible pick one colour as my favourite, however I like to use one bringt colour in combination with white)

12 May, 2016

Mostly sunny, a chance of showers

As much as I love Ljubljana, sometimes I need a break from the city. 
A break from the books. 
A break from the people. 
Even a break from myself.
What fits better than a post-exam trip to Radensko polje?
All kinds of birds up in the blue skies, from storks to unidentified raptors and the man-made ones that make me realize I badly need a flight. *sigh*
A lovely almost-summer day, cuddling cats in the green gass and blowing on dandelions, until - much to the delight of Mr. Frog - the clouds decided to pee. 

08 May, 2016


I thought I'd present a bouquet of lily of the valley for the Friday Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen, but unlike promised by the flower guy on Friday, it didn't last all week long. In fact, it landed in my trash today. Blah. 
I guess this would mean I needed a plan B, which included hoping they haven't mowed the grass yet :) In a quick walk up and down the street I manageg to get myself these wildflowersAs I picked a little too many of them, I ended up placing them in two vases.