31 December, 2016

As if it were gold

As if being an AvGeek is not enough, I did consider the position of the sun when picking my return journey from Germany. Covered in clouds for the last couple of days of staying at my sister's place, and expecting nothing but fog and cold in Ljubljana, a flight is probably the best way to boost my vitamin D production :) 
After some trouble with my train connection (that was solved in my favour by a super friendly Deutsche Bahn lady), a super fast security check at Frankfurt and lots of waiting due to my early arrival, it's probably needless to say that the breaking through the grey cloud layer can't be compared to anything else. 
Who has plowed the skies?
Of course the sunny side of the aircraft means reflections in the windows, especially as the sun was shining strong.
In fact, the sun seemed to be so high that I began to wonder whether we will be landing before the sunset after all, but the timing turned out to be just right.
With the evening setting in, the sky got this special warm, glowing touch... As if it were gold...
Somewhere above Slovenia, lake Bled in the rght lower corner.
As beautiful as a goodbye can be...
(And a try to get rid of the reflections)
Into the clouds...
But just when you think they're here to stay, it turns out to be a little cloudy intermezzo, while the sun turns orange.
Ljubljana basin covered in fog
And while the sunset ignited one side of heavens...
... Night began to take over in the other part of the skies.
Misty skies with an (almost) full moon
Evening skies above Ljubljana airport.

~ the end ~

Wuppertal rocks

Wuppertal rocks. After spending last Christmas in D-dorf, I dare to say the city that I wrongly assumed would be a little provincial town is way cooler than both Düsseldorf and Duisburg combined. In contrast to Düsseldorf that seems to be a mix of very chic and very ghetto, Wuppertal will charm you with a very relaxed atmosphere, lots of nature, friendly people, and an overall very clean city which is just big enough to make everything accessable within walking distance.

Once the lovely "good morning" from the attic was documented properly, it was time to explore.
Having no internet connection yet, I skipped the map-thing, just droping off my sister at her new job and going for a walk afterwards, hoping to find my way back home somehow. But it soon turned out there was no need for fear. The suspension railway turned out to be an excellent point of reference, and so were all the Christmas markets and big shops along the streets.
Well, I almost did get lost, following a path that led me towards the former city hall, but it turned to be a harmless detour with lots of things to see.
The city center itself seels to be full of interesting details, lots of spires and above all, lined by those beautiful ornamented Gründerzeit buildings.
New colours, on the other hand, make sure the city never seems stuffily, or boring, or stuck in history.
And when shopping becomes too tiring, there is always an opportunity for a good lunch, or a quick snack. I will certainly  want to come back to Mr Phung, Restaurant Croatien and Pad Thai
One of the most stunning revelations however was the historic Stadthalle with its stunning interior. 

~ to be continued ~