18 December, 2016

Come fly with me

When Adria launched its "Adria Airways Connects" campaign a while ago, I knew exactly what I'd be up to during (pre)Christmas time: visiting my sister in Düsseldorf :)
In theory, all we had to do would be finding a date that would suit us both and - off we go! 
In practice, I had to make sure my time off wouldn't interfere with any of my obligations and make it possible for me to go home some time before that as she wished to get some of the things she left behind when she visited in summer. 
Once all was settled and booked, she announced I'd bump right into her big moving day. Predictions went from "there will be no things whatsoever as everything is packed up already" to "the new apartment is completely empty" and "I'll use you to carry a couple of things to the new place", but I thought we'll manage it somehow anyway. 
Or was I just too stingy to cancel my non-refundable ticket? Or too curious to miss how this "new place" would look like? Or both? 

Anyway, after a long time of flight-withdrawal it was time to say goodbye to foggy Ljubljana and take off to those endless blue skies...
Hello sunshine
Misty Ljubljana basin
Julian Alps
Kamnik-Savinja Alps with Krvavec ski resort. Am I the only one thinking an artificial spit of snow in the middle of green is ridiculous? 
And while some might enjoy the sun on mountaintops covered with dust sugar...
... Others are floating in a sea of white
A lonely poop :)
Sunshine in the blue sky and clouds underneath can only mean one thing: sitting on the right side of the plane, you get to see the most beautiful glory phenomenon. Still not as beautiful as skypointer's, but certainly better than last time I'd say.
Surreal - what is cloud, what is shadow? 
Approaching FRA, white turned more and more grey, until the shades of blue began to disappear in exchange for a thick cloud layer. 
Island in the skies
Sneak-peek to earth: looking cold.
People come, people go
And although Germany looked grim and cold at the beginning, it did offer me a nice little sunset as a compensation for the expensive train ticket. Nothing could compensate the dirty windows, but of course, my thoughts were already elsewhere...

~ to be continued ~

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