31 January, 2016

In thankful memory...

Usually, there are three kinds of letters in my mailbox each month: payment slips for my operating expenses, power and phone. 
Last week, I was surprised to receive one from Münster
I wouldn't need to look at the sender as post from Münster can mean one thing only: questionnaire time. It has been a while since the UKM team got in touch regarding state of health and possible health issues, and even though there is nothing major to report (yay!) it has always been a pleasant feeling to know that I'm being followed so closely, and that I can contribute a little something to future treatment improvements. 

However, the envelope didn't include a questionnaire this time. Instead, the letter started with "Regrettably" and informed of the passing of study leader Prof. Dr. med. Günther Schellong
I must admit, it took me quite some time to process what was being said. 
I never met the faces behind the long-term follow-up project, but I always knew they were taking care of me. 
This weeks' bouquet for Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen, orange roses in a crystal vase I got myself at the second hand shop.
In thankful memory...
It's not that the studies will stop now, they'll only be moved to another place and put in the hands of another careful team. 
Still, something will be missed deeply. 
Something unique, something good.

24 January, 2016

First tulip

My first tulip for the Friday-Flowerday at Holundrbluetchen
I didn't mean to get myself tulips yet, but on my bubbly way home after having pizza with a friend, we came past a coffe shop that regularly displays fresh flowers at their entrance. They don't do so in winter, but the ther day it was a bouquet of yellow tulips. And just like so many times last year, my friend sneaked close to the bouquet to pinch one of the flowers and hand it to me. After a little (not too strict) *lecture* on not taking things that don't belong to you I took it home to put it in my kitchen.
More of spring in front of my apartment building: I never considered January to be the month of snowdrops, but I must admit I like this kind of white outside :)


A cold January afternoon, somewhere between sunshine and fog. A quick stroll through the city center after having pizza wth a friend, a stop at Prešeren square to watch a street performance. This time, it featured a guy with a pot of soapy water, creating clouds of bubbles. 
It's fun to see how people stop upon something unexpected, but in the end only the kids are brave enough to participate in the game and catch the shiny things as they're floating towards the skies.
Do we live inside bubbles, wandering around afraid of touching anything and anyone? 
Are we afraid of failing to an extent that makes us afraid of trying altogether?
Are we ready to sacrifice our dreams just because it might not work out in the end?
What is the point of feeling miserable when what you'e aiming for might be just in front of you?
Dare to catch it!
I'm not into graffiti usually and consider them scribbling rather than art, but it might be due to the fact that most of those I see are indeed insults with no artistic meaning whatsoever. Lately however, I found one that actually made me stop and search for my camera.
A little contribution to the gallery of sky images at Raumfee.

17 January, 2016


Just a quick entry to the new Double D challenges before I'm off to bed as tomorrow is going to be a long day. Decoupage on a wooden wristband using blue acrylic paint on the inside and white paint with forget-me-not napkins on the outside. 
As much as I love those tiny blue flowers it seems to me they never make a lasting bouquet because their blossoms fall off so quickly. Some things are to be admired in nature, I guess.
Blue end of a blue post: Alps reflecting on the Drava/Drau reservoir near Borovlje/Ferlach.

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16 January, 2016

Tea time

The flowers currently blooming in my apartment include last week's snow roses as well as a bouquet of white carnations I got myself on the flower market. Most of the flower girls haven't started their business yet, and the range of flowers available is still quite limited, but even though most of them are tulips I decided to go with the carnations this week.
Turns out they're just perfect to fit my small crystal vase, spreading a soft scent around their fluffy blooms, as well as a little contribution to the Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.

As long as fluffy clouds are replaced by a white foggy layer however, it takes more than just flowers to get me through the day. How about a hot cup of tea?

Knowing my friend is prticularly fond of one certain flavour, I brought a bag of "Wild cherry" tea from Düsseldorf. After the holidays, I finally found the time to wrap it properly, using a sweet mouse digi from Meljen's designs combined with a cherry-themed background paper. 
The little cutie fits to the tea flavour as well as to my friend herself as we refer to her adorable little girl as a "little mouse".
As the red and blue colour combo is quite outstanding, I decided not to add any other embellishments on my project. After all, what matters is inside the bag anyway ;)

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