03 January, 2016

Rescue operation

When I got myself some amaryllis bulbs in December, I must have brought some sort of worms home, too, that live in two of the pots. They obviously like to gnaw on the roots as one poor bulb had almost none left, so I took it out of the original pot in a try to save it from rotting. After the clean-up, I decided to wrap it in a damp cloth and place it in an old white pot before I find time to buy some new potting soil. To hide the clot, I placed a couple of cone atop of the temporary arrangement.
Here is the result of my rescue operation: 
The white pot is one I bought in a second hand shop recently. Even though it's a little scratched in some places, I liked the old-style ornaments so much that I *had* to have it. With its round shape, it even fits the lovely matryoshka I received from my mentor a couple of years ago.
What was meant to be a last-minute entry for the Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen, must have missed the linkup for a minute. Nevertheless I wonder if I'll be able to present some flowers each week of the year?

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