18 April, 2017

Bye, bunny

Time to "get rid of" my last Easter card for this year, again a flat one and one with a really simple design. As I didn't want my entire exhibition to feature stitched cards, I've worked with a couple of digis and other things, too. 
And while searching through my stash, I decided I absolutely have to use those cute little bunnies from scribbles designs
However, I couldn't decide on what colours to use for painting the Easter eggs :)
As you see, I've coloured them in shades of yellow, purple and blue. Since I wanted to include all of them in one card, that meant using the longitudinal shape I'm not quite fond of. I find it a little too long for the majority of my projects, and so I basically have a couple of card bases in my stash that are just waiting for a moment like this. 
Arranging the three images on the unpleasant shape was another task I struggled with. I wanted the card to look a little playful and not mathematical, but no matter how I flipped the images they were either exceedinng the base of the card or making it look really "blah".
In the end, I decided to line them up straight vertically, but leave space for a little horizontal twist. 
With the colourful eggs, I tried to pick a neutral, but not too boring background paper. After numerous tries, this one featuring pastel leafs made the race. 
To distinguish the bunnies from the background, I used thick cardboard that would match the colour of the eggs. However, as the height of the card was lmited, only a tiny strip of cardboard is visible around the coloured mages.
A little contribution to the April collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

- 613 avenue create: ATG with optional twist "ATG spring"
- crafty calendar: spring
- crafty catz: ATG with a twist (animals)
- bawion: pastel colours
- glitternsparkle: Easter
- little red wagon: happy Easter
- scribbles designs: shades of spring (mint green, purple, lilac)
- crazy challenge: spring is coming

15 April, 2017

Simply spring

Another seasonal card - one that can qualify either for the "spring" or "Easter" theme. 
I had wanted to try this daffodil pattern for ages, but neve had the chance/need to try it. But as I tried to fill the spring-ish part of my exhibition, it turned out to be the perfect pick.
As it would be featured in a photo frame behind glass, it had to be flat, and that's just what I created: a simple card with a floral centerpiece. 
While the motif itself was put on 3D pads to make it a little more 3D, I placed an additional ornament in the lower part of the card, where I stitched it on the card base directly. 
The daffodils are stitched with regular cross-stitch yarn, and so is the ornament. However, for the squares I decided to use a yarn with shades of yellow that flow into each other.
To cover up the sewing on the inside of the card, I placed a piece of green paper above it. On its upper edge, I punched a decorative border.
A little contribution to the April collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

Daffodils found at the roadside and in the Munich botalical garden.

613 avenue create: ATG with a twist (anything spring)
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wordartwednesday: ATG

Easter greetings

Is it Easter yet? Could it be that time is passing by in record speed? 
It sees to me that only yesterday I was delighted to spot the first snowdrops and today, everything is green and blooming.
I had no mass production of Easter cards this year. Honestly, I had no Easter card production at all. To fill the blank space on my blog however, I might as well present a couple of Easter cards I prepared for my exhibition in January. With the limitation od "flat card" in my mind, one of them was this one featuring a magnificent vintage rooster. I love the colours of the image, and the animal's posture leaves no doubt on who is the boss of the henhouse.
As I didn't want to pull the attention from the rooster, I decided to add a simple background paper with a musical pattern, a matching polka-dot embossing for the transition, and a short text saying "Happy holidays".
A little contribution to the April collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

- 613 avenue create: ATG with a twist (anything spring)
- a bit more time to craft: ATG
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And while Mrs. Hen is probably laying her last Easter eggs, Mr. Rooster seems to be hiding somewhere. Where? As I went to the flower market this week, I just wanted to get myself a little something, a splash of colour to put on my table. 
When I was looking at the colourful selection, a couple of yellow ranunculus caught my eyes. What I finally brought home was far from it. 
What might look like a flower-shopping attack has to be explained with the fact that I tend to buy flowers from the same sales stand every time, and "my" flower lady developed the habbit of always adding a little extra. This time, the extra was orange tupils and yellow daffodils.
Putting the flowers together at home, I just couldn't seem to succeed in arranging them into an acceptable bouquet. From the beginning, I decided to split them in in two vases because they were just so many, but neither of them really satisfies me. On the other hand, as they are just for me, I'll guess I won't bother about their shape and arrangement too much and rather enjoy their colours and smell.
A contribution to the Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.

07 April, 2017

Hi there!

Just a short sign of life before everyone gives up on me :)
Yes, I've been away a lot. Yes, I'll explain it all as soon as I find time. Yes, I've had great fun, but it has also been demanding in many ways and meant I had no opportunity to craft. And yes, I'm home for a week already, but the crafting mood hasn't set in yet.
So, to invite you to the April "ATG" Fadengrafik Challenge, I will again use a project I've done a while ago.
I've chosen to go with something simple again and you may see the similarity to the colourful bookmarks I presented in FebruaryThis time however, I picked rather calm shades of brown alongside with a brown background paper that features a pattern of leafs and forest fruits. 
In the end it turned out to be a rather natural/earthy/wooden/masculine bookmark. 
A little contribution to the April collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

And for another dose of autumn before I finally switch to the season of eggs and bunnies: a little squirrel that played a round of hide and seek with me in park Tivoli

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- path of positivity: ATG with optional twist "The beauty of nature" (To me, one of nature's greatest beauties is its ability to surprise me over and over again - even if I'd take a walk on the same path for the hundredth time, I would still discover something new. No wonder I hardly change my ways when I walk through the green spots of the city, as the known ones change literally every time I go by.)
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