26 December, 2020

Old & new

Between the old and the new year, I'd like to tidy up a bit. My apartment, my thoughts, my things. Because every now and then, it's good to re-evaluate whether everything is really necessary (hint: it isn't). 
And as I'm currently working with paper mostly, I almost forgot what's in my beading stash, but this beautiful flower claps came into my hands whilst cleaning up and I absolutely wanted to add it to a wearable piece of jewelry. By coincidence, I also found a necklace made of polymer clay beads (haven't used polymer clay in years!) which simply didn't match my style anymore. I decided to recycle the beads because I like the marble-effect. Also, they bring back memories of polymer lessons by Klavdija Kurent who would not only show us a new technique every week, but also leave us speechless with her own artistic examples. 
Anyways, I had the clasp and the beads now, but things still didn't fall into place like I imaguined.
... Until I found another set of unused beads in my stash. I believe they're part of an anthracite necklace I once purchased in a box of old jewelry. I've torn it apart but never used its pieces, but now I figured they'd create the perfect addition to what I had in mind.
I like the handmade beads and I'm happy to have given them new life, but most of all, I wanted the necklace to be build around this amazing clasp. 
Therefore, I thought I'd place it prominently on the front part of my necklace instead of hiding it behind my back. From the clasp itself, A row of polymer beads would be the main focus of the necklace, while the anthracite beads would create the rear part - visible from the front and a perfect colour-match with the other elements, but yet subtle enough to remain in the background.
Not quite like I imagined from the beginning but quite interesting in the end, and to be worn the next couple of years until I turn it into something else again.
What is old and new in your crafting corner? Do you combine used and fresh elements, or do you prefer to replace what's out of style? As a hamster, I think combinations can turn out pretty well at times, not only when it comes to crafting.

19 December, 2020

S for snow scene

I'm joining in late, but here is my contribution to the new challenge over at the Alphabet challengeblog: S for snow scene. We'd like to see your snow-inspired creations this fortnight, and I decided to add some cute critters, too.
I thought about creating an actual outdoor scene, but I found this beautiful snowflake print in an old book and I just had to give it a try. I cut it to the size of a slimline card, and matched it with this trio of penguins which unmistakenly comes from the bugaboo collection. 
I coloured them with coloured pencils and placed them on brown cardboard cut outs which resemble windows. However, the card still seemed a bit empty.
I went through my stash again and applied pearls of different sizes onto the snowflakes. The penguin frames do stand out a little bit due to the adhesive tape, and in combination with the pearls the whole card has a bit of a 3D effect. Also, I added a couple of tiny pearls on the images itself to replace the snowflake-dots.

613 avenue create: ATG with optional twist "cute critters"
a bit more time to craft: ATG
gem of a challenge: ATG
always fun challenges: polar bears/penguins
as you like it: favourite person to create for (I create cards for both family and friends, but I guess it's a bit easier to create for friends who don't expect anything over the top. Family doesn't either, to be honest, but I'll always try to make something extra nice which means more planning & effort to make sure everything is just as I imagined. For friends on the other hand, I can be more playful with designs, digis, sentiments...)
C.R.A.F.T.: Christmas
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15 December, 2020

Český kubismus

As the year comes to an end, I think we can all just skip the "looking back" thing and make sure that 2020 will soon be buried without a trace. Jokes aside, it has been a year of twists and challenges for everyone. The whole "staying home" thing didn't bother me all too much because I'm quite used to spending time behind books (or in my crafting corner). Being the introvert I am, I could tick off most recommendations of the spring lockdown without changing anything about my life at all. Why would I need to leave the house at all if it wasn't for work/school, grocery shopping or a walk all by myself?
On the other hand, I couldn't get around much even if I wanted. Being fresh out of hospital and not able to care for myself, it took quite a while to regain my independence. 
Closed borders were a blessing in some way as I planned to reward myself with a trip to Prague as soon as I'd be fit again, but since I could barely stand it was kind of soothing to know that I couldn't have travelled anyway (it's a cruel and unusual twist, but has probably kept me from going insane). However, the travel restrictions also meant that I'd end up in my apartment with no possibility to get home just to get my medication, and postponing my check-ups even when the healthcare system started working again, because I simply couldn't make it across the border... Until a couple of days before the official re-opening, when it suddenly became "absolutely clear" that students have "always" been among the exceptions for cross-border travel. I'm not a violent person usually, but I certainly felt like I could punch somebody in the face. 

Anyway, in a phase of missing Prague and the Czech Republic, I took a bunch of delica beads from my stash and created this pendant. It is obviously inspired by the Czech tricolor, with a touch of gold for the cord. And even though I'm quite familiar with many things Czech, I'll admit that I usually have to think for a moment before putting the necklace on to make sure the colours are displayed correctly
There isn't much to say about the design and the execution of the project, but I'll probably have to clarify that the true inspiration for the necklace didn't come from the Czech flag itself. Rather than that, it was inspired by my trips to the most beautiful city in the world, a town I know pretty well by now (well enough to navigate without maps and/or asking for help), a place that will always offer something new and give me joy just when I think of it. In an unusual twist of events, a quick visit of Prague was the last "normal" thing I did back in autumn while waiting for my histology results, as well as the first thing I did a while later when I was already within a new reality, rushing from one doctor to another to discuss further diagnostics and treatment.
What prompted the creative process eventually were Plečnik's majestic brown and golden flagpoles on the first courtyard of Prague castle, in combination with the celebrations of November 17th I could witness last year. Add Czech cubism and everything fell into place somehow. With this in mind, the first thing I was sure of upon planning the ornament was actually the combination of brown cord and golden clasp - the rest just happened, as it usually does in my crafting corner.
In yet another twist, I managed to return to my favourite city by the end of summer to spend a couple of wonderful days with my sister, wandering through the empty streets and squares - a sight so unusual and yet so wonderful. Of course, we'd visit the castle, too, and here they are: the culprits in full glory. 

moving along with the times: favourite winter/summer holiday activity (does "going to Prague" count? Winter or summer, sunshine or rain, I'm totally in love with the city and its people. I like going back over and over again to re-visit places I've been to, as well as discover new sights all over the place. And I'm totally not checking the travel restrictions every day to make sure I won't miss the first opportunity to go back.)
through the craftroom door: ATG
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04 December, 2020

R for rainbow

Who is already counting the days until Christmas? Who has prepared everything already - written all the cards, decorated the house, baked all the cookies? Who is still procrastinating, or decided to keep it simple this year?

I must admit that I haven't paid much attention to the festive season during the past years. We have always done our share of card-making and decorating when we were kids, but once in University, I was usually just glad to have a couple of days off that I could spend at home doing nothing. I still like to create Christmas projects, I will have have fun in the snow and walk through the illuminated city, but I'm absolutely fine with spending Christmas day on the couch back home, or even behind my desk in my apartment. I assume "the circumstances" will not make it different from any other year to me, but I can imagine that for those who are used to having people around it may be more difficult to adapt. 
However, as hard as it may be to keep the distance to your dear ones, I find it even harder to believe that "the Rona" cares about whether there's a holiday coming up or not (or what time of day it is, for that matter). I'm sure technology can be used to safely catch up with those who matter, and focus on the true message of Christmas away from all the bling and a hundred necessities that don't rerally matter. 
There will be enough time for hugs once the numbers go down, but with healthcare systems all over the world being dangerously close to a breakdown, it's definitely NOT the time now. Give the frontline workers a break, and give yourself a break, too: a break from all the errands you don't have to do this year and all the chores you can skip because nobody will come over anyway (because, aren't we all just looking for an excuse to skip chores?). 

To bring a bit more colour in this cold and grey season, we have a perfect Rainbow theme over at the Alphabet challengeblog
I thought about creating a non-card project for the longest time: a rainbow pendant came to mind, a 3D rainbow made of God knows what which I'd combine with cotton clouds and crystal beads. I also went through my stash of jewelry supplies and contemplated about creating a rainbow bracelet.
However, I soon returned to papers and prepared a card. 
I was looking for a rainbow themed digi at first, but in the end, I decided to create the rainbow myself. Different ideas came and went, but I couldn't even make up the occasion, let alone the technique I'd like to use. In the end, I opted for a festive card and the rest just happened somehow.
The idea didn't come overnight, though. Rather than that, it came in creative flashes that slowly melted together. The combination of kraft and colourful papers was a major theme from the beginning, but I didn't quite know how to realize it. 
In the end, I tried a Christmas tree that would be made of tiny punched pieces of different colours in order to create the rainbow-ish transition. I found just the perfect heart-shaped punch in my drawer, and in a funny coincidence, the brown that comes after green (and technically isn't part of the rainbow), fits perfectly to create the trunk of the unusual Christmas tree.
However, the card took me way longer than expected. I went through my paper stash to find all the tiny leftovers because I really didn't want to punch straight into a big new sheet of paper. It's a perfect way of using up paper pieces that you just can't throw away, but the effect on your remaining paper stash will be absolutely non-existent. Also, I had to balance between using all colours of the rainbow to create the perfect transition and not pick too many colours because I'd be limited by the width of the kraft card base.
Starting at the top, I glued each heart to the kraft base, continuing from top to bottom. I did try the shape before gluing, but I decided to work without marking the rows with a pencil, which is why the hearts aren't all even and at the same distance. Also, if you look very closely, you'll see that the tree tends to lean a bit more to the right side of the card base. To finish off the card, I placed a golden star sticker atop the tree, as well as a Christmas greeting underneath. 
Surprisingly, I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out. In an unexpected turn, I especially like how interesting the 3D "flakes" look because it somehow never occured to me that the glued paper pieces would actually stand out on the card base. 

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