18 March, 2020

Small steps

A sign of spring on the corner shelf, because I'm not yet in shape to get a glimpse of everything that is blooming outside.
Small steps around mom's place because it's good to have someone who looks after you when you can't quite take care for yourself.
Small steps of one foot at a time because you're still clumsy and prone to falls while you're learning to walk again.
Small steps of improvement while you know you're still far from your usual mobility and ability.
Small steps of planning ahead without really knowing which part of your dreams will come true, and when.
Small steps back to blogland because examinations have taken up a big part of my November/December/January, while surgery took February & March.
Small steps back to normality because things sometimes don't go as planned.
Small steps of adapting because your appointments and follow-ups get cancelled due to the situation. 
Small steps of contemplating the turns of life without bothering too much, because I'm in good hands and everything will be OK. 
A contribution to the Friday Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.

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