26 September, 2014

Mushrooms #2

I made another mushroom card with the already glued brown background that I couldn't use for the other card. This time, I again used a white background for the stitching - a watercolour paper which was actually the leftover from another card that once didn't urn out the way I planned. In the end, I painted the picture with coloured pencils, and as it turns out it's the watercolour paper that gives the whole image a textured look.
Whenever we went to the forest with mom, looking for mushrooms, this was the most wonderful sight - mushrooms hiding under a branch.
This card too goes to the challenges at
craftalnica - mushrooms
fadengrafikchallenge - autumn


My second card in autumn is another brown-shaded one, this time with another amazing image painted by Jelka Reichman. For me, I think it was the first time I stitched directly on the background cardboard. In fact, I wanted to stitch on white paper like I always do, and had already glued the brown cardboard on the card, but then I realized it would be much nicer to use autumn colours only. I think even the result shows the white cardboard wasn't really needed.
The card goes for the following challenges:
craftalnica - mushrooms
fadengrafikchallenge - autumn

Little grey cells

As first day of fall is my little sister's birthday, I realized how funny it is that I always make a birthday card for mom, but never for my sisters.
This year, I decided to change that habit. And as my sister is a huge fan of Mrs. Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot, I decided to use this theme for a birthday card. I've cut out his silhouette from brown cardboard and made a white-and-brown easel card. I finished the card with a couple of roses and a line saying "Use your little grey cells".

Still, I wasn't sure whether to be happy with the card or not. Mostly, I was concerned about the card looking a little too boring or too guy-ish for a girl, but my sister absolutely loved it and I guess that means it can't be that bad :)

24 September, 2014

Happy fall

So, summer is over even though I never really had the feeling we had summer this year. However, yesterday was a perfect day to spend in park Tivoli.
While some trees are still green, others are already changing colours or standing there naked.
Leftovers from a recent storm
Even autumn rain is nice - given it comes from a fountain ;)
I also discovered a new avenue and a new fountain :)
I sure hope the following weeks will be generous with sunshine, with lots of colours and wonderful memories.
Stairway to a happy fall

18 September, 2014

Ninja turtle

Ok, it's not a ninja. But it's a turtle - a really cute and friendly one, carrying a ladybug and flowers :)
It's one of the digis I have chosen from bugaboostamps and now I finally found the time to use it. I coloured it with coloured pencils and arranged the card in a way that fits the latest challenge at tuesdaymorningsketches.
My card also goes for the following challenges:
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16 September, 2014

Welcome baby

After my bathroom renovation and all the cleaning up, I thought there would be enough time for another exam in September, but since I figured out I had just a little too little time to prepare myself properly (or am I just a little too lazy?) I preferred to take a break before I start learning for my upcoming exams. On time :)

Before that, I have a last-minute card for the "Lace"-challenge at craft-alnica. I used a stamp from bugaboostamps, and took that pretty pastel-pink background paper I had somewhere in my stock. With the small white dots it seems to be perfect for a tiny baby girl, and as the paper looks so lovely, the card actually doesn't need a lot of decorations: just two butterflies, a few pearls and - fitting to the challenge - some lace.
I have chosen a simple white lace that rounds up the card without stealing too much attention from the cute baby in the bundle.
With lace and pearls, the card also meets the criteria for the latest craftycardmakers challenge.

Just as I finished, we had a wonderful rainbow - not one that goes from one side of the sky to the other, but one that shows the simple principle of what makes rainbows shine so bright: rain and sun.
The baby card would probably fit to a sunny evening sky we had a couple of days ago

14 September, 2014

Birthday cake

Even though our birthday celebrations were always kept simple - a "Happy Birthday" with kisses, hugs and flowers from our garden instead of tons of presents - mom always made sure there was a wonderful and tasty cake in the center of our table. No matter what we came up with, mom magically fulfilled our ideas: from fruit cakes, animal-shaped cakes, biscuits...
We are a little grown up now, and studying away from home, but there's still no "real" birthday without a cake for me. So, I decided to make my own cake tonight.

I used the pattern from splitcoaststampers.com, but only made 5 slices of the cake as the simple way of birthdays kind of stuck with me. However, each piece has a different flavour: chocolate, strawberry, mango, raspberry and blueberry :) For the decorations, I (for once) didn't want to complicate things and decided to put matching roses on all pieces.
When all was done, I filled the cake with some candy - after all, cakes are meant to be eaten ;)

01 September, 2014

Goodbye to summer

After my win at the July cheerfulsketcheschallenge, I not only got a really cool prize - digis by bugaboostamps - but I was also invited to be Guest DT for September.

So, I got the sketch and another digi from bugaboostamps, and here we go! I thought. But to be honest, when I saw the pig I didn't know what to do with it. I looked at it for a couple of days asking myself - and asking the piglet - how to use it. But the piglet was quiet and I had to figure it out on my own. And the task turned out to be a real challenge.

In the end, I decided to make a holiday card - the pig looks like he just landed in paradise with his orange suitcase and a drink in his hands, and he wears a typical tourist T-shirt :) That's why I've chosen this tropical flower background and the flower punch. For a long time, I struggeled with the upper and lower part of the pattern, but then I used these golden swirl-stickers which might look like some decoration in a hotel resort far, far away. For the text, I punched a sun and signed it with a simple "Enjoy" - after all, that's what holidays are made for ;)

Enough talk now, this is how your challenge for September looks like:
And this is a little inspiration I prepared for you:
Now, be creative ;) I can't wait to see how you'll master this challenge!

As school has started in Slovenia today, the pig has probably returned from his vacation and says: "Goodbye to summer" - just like the latest challenge at craftalnica.