31 December, 2017

Munich part IX - Swan lake

Given that waters, especially near recreational areas, are usually connected with the presence of swans, I had my first share off those beautiful creatures at the Isar riverbank near the Munich Zoo
In need of more recreation, I decided to explore the surroundings of Nymphenburg palace one windy afternoon. After a little bit of getting lost, I ended up on the one side of the alley with the castle silhouette on the horizon. Not knowing how long the alley actually is, it took me quite some time to get to the palace waters, where I got surprised not only by numerous swans, but also by the amount of tourists that were buzzing around despite the cold. 
Being pretty cold myself, I maybe should have studied the public traffic a bit better and fing a connection that stops closer by the palace grounds.
Beautiful birds with something truly majestic in every move - except of maybe their landing approach :)
And even though they do represent a wonderful tranquility, an angry swan is probably not what one might want to encounter.
In my next attempt of a less windy visit, I walked through the palace gardens once more when returning from the Botanical garden. The sun must have attracted even more tourists, but again, I had no intention to visit the palace itself - my only goal was the pond of swans.
Territorial wars...
... And nothing but tranquility by the end of the day.

~ to be continued ~