28 December, 2017

Munich part VIII - Beautiful spring

With the days getting longer, warmer and sunnier, I could finally tick off another attraction on my Munich wishlist. Again, I waited for the weekend as I expected it would take quite some time to get through the Botanical garden, but by no means I expected the whole area to be as huge as it turned out to be. Knowing that March might not be the month to present the garden in its full bloom, it has still been a wonderful thing to see and probably one of the top outdoor activities one can do in the vibrant Bavarian town.
Due to the windy morning, I decided to have  a look at the greenhouses at first. The indoor exhibition that extends over 4500  is devided into different areas that are connected through a huge central hall and yet separated by huge glass doors. Once inside, one can walk through different climatic zones and enjoy the plants each has to offer.
From beautiful orchids and cocoa beans...
... to a rather cold, huge Victoriahouse with all kinds of Mediterranean plants in full bloom...
... and the hall of water plants that is inhabitated by colourful butterflies as well as fish in the ponds.
However, it is advisable to visit the gardens well hydrated and by no means with an empty stomach - sooner or later the tropical temperatures combined with humidity *might* cause an urgent need for fresh air, water and a place to sit down.
Luckily, there are high altitude jungles and a couple of halls with blooms that prefer colder climates, too.
Last but not least, a hall full of blooming azaleas in any colour one can imagine - certainly one of the highlights to the eye.
With so many things to see, I would start touring the outdoor areas a lot later than expected. 
Numerous domestic flowers line the paths, fully blooming in the warm spring sun.
And while most of the trees are still preparing their colourful clothes...
... beautiful blooming fields make a fairytale come true.
A wonderful collection of Alpine plants above the greata lake...
... more of well-known greenery alongside the lake itself...
... And even more colourful blooms in the Spring garden.
Between winter and spring
Fern gorge with rhododendron grove
All in all, a the Botanical garden is a fantastic way to spend the day outside and stroll through thousands of different flowers without ever having to do any gardening. Of course, the best way to discover the 20+ hectares big areal is on foot, however, a glimps of the outoors area and the glasshouses can be found here and here.

~ to be continued ~

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