29 August, 2018

Holly girl

After ages of neglecting my paper stash, I finally digged out those paterned papers, card bases, and crafting accessories. And since I haven't joined any craft-alnica challenge in a while, I thought I'd let the current sketch inspire me. 
I had a couple of different ideas on my mind, however, I decided to go for a Christmas card this time. Because onde can never be too early when it comes to prepare Christmas stash. And mainly, because I stumbled upon this vintage paper cut-out when I was actually trying to clean up one of my drawers.
Matching the holly in the girl's hair, I picked a holly-themed backgound paper with snow roses. However, as I didn't want the entire background to be super colourful, I left two of the squares blank. My initial thought was to stitch a little holly ornament on the white squares, but in the end, I thought it would still be a bit too much of everything. 
Instead, I decided to take a white texture paper and only add three golden star stickers in each corner to match the sketch. To make sure the white paper pops out from the white cardbase, I placed an additional layer of dark green cardboard on the card itself before arranging the paper pieces. 
For the base of the central motif, I used a chipboard ornament which I decorated with two rows of tiny white pearls. After placing the picture in the right position, I added another golden sticker to create a shimmering border.
A little contribution to the August collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

And even though we're currently having wonderful late summer days, the Christmas markets will be back in Ljubljana in virtually no time...
... alongside with a beautifully set up nativity scene at the Franciscan church of the Annunciation just off Prešeren square

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27 August, 2018


As I'm currently trying to bring some kind of order into my jewelry collection, I happen to find lots of unexpected stuff in my stash. Wristbands and necklaces I once created only to put them in a box and forget about them. 
Among others, I discovered a couple of pieces made with glass wax beads in different shades of champagne. However, the style I created many years ago didn't suit me anymore, and to reduce the amount of un-wearable items, I've taken them apart to line the beads up in a more suitable way.

The first necklace I made is a rather small one, and I meant it for my friend's little princess. However, I added an extension on the clasp which makes it possible to adapt its circumference as the girl grows up. Between each pair of champagne coloured beads, I placed a tiny rocailles bead, and for the centerpiece, I've chosen a champagne Swarovski heart. 
And since little girls can never get enough of hearts, one can be found on the extension as well.
Pleased with how the first one turned out, I made another necklace straight away. This time, I made it a little longer and will probably keep it for myself.
As I still had some beads left, I decided to make another long necklace for my sister's upcoming birthday...
... as well as a wristband which has no owner yet, but will most likely go with the birthday necklace. And with the last leftover beads are still waiting on my table, I might as well create a matching pair of earrings.
And maybe, before September madness begins, I'll be able to clean up my room, too. And get through the rest of my crafting stash. And rearrange the furniture. And have a look at my wardrobe. And get rid of a couple more things. 
Because sometimes one feels the urgent need for change.
A little contribution to the August collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

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26 August, 2018

Praha part V - Until next time

As our stay came to the end, we decided to spend our last full day at the Prague Zoo. Arriving there early in the morning, we had plenty of time to explore the extensive area and get to know its inhabitants. 
While some preferred hiding in the shade...
... and others fully enjoyed the summer sun...
... the little elephant I've last seen when he was a newborn turned out to be not-so-little anymore.
Kangaroo cuddles...
... an ice bear aqua gym...
... numerous birds in all colours, shapes, and sizes... 
... and an equally colourful bee pasture. Even though we thought we'd spend the morning in the Zoo and visit the nearby Botanical garden in the afternoon, we soon realized that the "Zoo" part of the day will use up more time than planned.  
Lunchtime for the lemurs, more walking ahead for the two of us.
Coming around the corner from the lion platform, I certainly had a quick moment for a heart attack before the I could identify the creature as non-dangerous :)
Probably one of the cutest photo models, and not at all shy in front of the camera.
Getting closer to the exit, but not quite done yet. A sea lion demonstration comes in handy when the blood sugar begins to drop and there's a need for a break...
... and off we go again to explore some more.
How is the gorilla baby doing? Not holding on to mom anymore, he's now discovering his habitat on his own while still being one of the major attractions out there. 
Unlike last time, I could also make a stop at the petting zoo. Because at some point we realized a visit to the Botanical garden would be out of question for the day. And the weather was nice enough to hang out some more. And I can't possibly pass by any animal without cuddling.
Once we were done with the Zoo, we decided to return to the city center to get ourselves something to eat before we'd continue to the castle...
... and walk towards the Petrin hill. On a way that later turned out to partly cover the Honest Guide's "alternative castle route" we'd firstly descend the castle hill through the vineyards under the Strahov monastery...
... and then face a thousand stairs on a way uphill that would bring us straight to the lookout tower. 
As the queues to get on top were massive again, we visited the Štefánik's Observatory instead. With the sun hiding behind the clouds, there was no chance to examine the sun through the telescopes, and since we still had to pack our stuff, we slowly had to find our way home.
One last sunset above Prague. The most beautiful of cities once more didn't disappoint with sights and adventures, and will certainly be on my wishlist again sometime soon. 
Short night, little sleep before we headed towards the train station. One last walk on the Charles bridge...
... and through a sleepy city center that was being slowly filled by tourists.
Until next time, Praha - I love you so, so much.

~ the end ~