30 August, 2016

By the sea

What about a quick last-minute entry for the "Fancy folds" challenge at craft-alnica?
I played with the idea of making an easel card, but then I decided to go for something different. A rather regular shape that would give me the chance to use this wonderful seaside image, and on the other hand feature a little bit of something special with its shape. 
As it has been ages since I found the picture on the internet, I have no clue where it came from. However, it still surprises me how it features everything mom loves: a cottage by the sea, a comfy bed, flowers in the garden, a white teddy, grapes, strawberries, coffee, something sweet, and a kitten. I couldn't have done it better if I panted it myself!
Naturally, I immediately thought I'd use it on a card for mom, but I never knew how. Now, I thoought I'd combine it with a background paper featuring gravel and a bunch of orange roses. Surpisingly, the gravel-and-roses combination seemed to fit, and after a bit of cutting, folding and arranging the details, ths is what I came up with:
I decided to place a white paper on the inside, however it is not visible when the card is closed. 
Of course that meant the roses would have to be arranged in a way they wouldn't interfere with the front image.
In an attempt to use up some of my papers and leave no part of the card empta, I covered the back, too. 

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Soča inspired

         Krasnà si, bistra hči planín,
         Brdká v prirodni si lepôti,
         Ko ti prozôrnih globočín
         Nevíhte témne srd ne móti,
         Krasnà si, hči planín!
         Tvoj ték je žív in je legák,
         Ko hôd deklét s planíne;
         In jasna si ko gorski zrák,
         In glásna si, ko spév krepák
         Planínske je mladíne,
         Krasnà si, hčí planín!
         Rad glédam ti v valove bôdre,
         Valove te zelêno-módre:
         Temnà zelén planinskih trav
         In vedra víšnjevost višáv
         Lepó se v njih je zlila;
         Na rôsah sínjega nebá,
         Na rôsah zélenih gorâ
         Lepôto to si pila, —
         Krasnà si, hčí planín!
         Ti mêni si predraga znanka!
         Ko z gôrskih prišumíš dobráv,
         Od dôma se mi zdíš poslanka,
         Nesóča mnóg mi ljub pozdráv —
         Bog sprimi te tu sréd planjáv!...
         Kakó glasnó, ljubó šumljáš,
         Kakó čvrstó, krepkó skakljáš,
         Ko sred gorâ še pót imáš!
         A ko pridêreš na ravníne,
         Zakaj te žíva rádost mine?
         Kaj trudno lézeš in počasi,
         Zakaj so tóžni tvôji glási?
         Težkó se ločiš od hribóv,
         Zibélke tvojega valóvja?
         Mar véš, da têčeš tik grobóv,
         Grobóv slovenskega domóvja?
         Obojno bôl pač tu trpíš,
         V tej bôli tóžna in počasna,
         Ogrômna sólza se mi zdiš,
         A še kot sólza – krásna!
         Krasnà si, bístra hčí planín,
         Brdkà v prirodni si lepôti,
         Ko ti prozôrnih globočín
         Nevíhte divje srd ne móti!
         Pa, oh, siróti tebi žuga
         Vihár grozán, vihár strašán;
         Prihrúmel z gorkega bo juga,
         Divjàl čez plôdno bo raván,
         Ki tvôja jo napaja struga —
         Gorjé, da daleč ni ta dan!
         Nad tábo jasen bo oblòk,
         Króg têbe pa svinčêna tóča
         In dèž krváv in solz potòk
         In blísk in grom — oh, bítva vróča!
         Tod sékla bridka bodo jekla,
         In ti mi boš krvava têkla:
         Kri naša te pojíla bo,
         Sovražna te kalíla bo!
         Takrát se spômni, bistra Sóča,
         Kar gôrko ti srcé naróča:
         Kar bóde shranjenih vodâ
         V oblakih tvojega nebá,
         Kar vôde v tvôjih bo planínah,
         Kar bode v cvétnih je ravnínah,
         Tačàs prodrvi vse na dán,
         Narásti, vskípi v tok strašán!
         Ne stískaj v meje se bregóv,
         Srdíta čez branove stópi,
         Ter tujce, zêmlje-lačne, vtôpi
         Na dnò razpénjenih valóv!

         Simon Gregorčič, Soči

Inspired by the beautiful Soča, my last-minute reminder card for the August Fadengrafik Challenge is made with a yarn of blue and turquoise shades with rhinestones to decorate the swirls that resemble the waves of the emerald river. 
Matching to this month's theme, "Ann's Paper Art", I used one of Ann's wonderful patterns. 
As for you, feel free to submit any of your stitched work in August, given it's made according to one of Ann's patterns. You might have some of them in your stash, or visit her site and have a look at what's new since you've last been there ;)
In my card, the motif of water repeats itself in the background paper, and once more in the center of the card, where I placed a picture of the emerald river that I found at www.naturbegegnung.de. Unfortunately, it urned out a little bit too blue and a little too little emerald in comparison to its natural colours, but well... 

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25 August, 2016

Flower fairy

Time to show another one of my recent projects. As it was mom's birthday, I decided to go for something special and cute, and this is what I came up with:
For the "cute" part I've chosen the Nasturtium fairy, one of the wonderful Flower fairies painted by Cicely Mary Baker. For the "special" part, I took one of my favourite pickpoint patterns and stitched it with yarns that would match the image. For a little bling, I added a couple of pearls and rhinestones, too.
I planned to make a card at first, but then I decided to take a little more of the green background paper and make a box. I used a little bit of a green ribbon that was left over from a previous project, and a little bit of white cardboard for the inside. 
To cover the plain white bottom, I used golden rice paper with golden glitter flowers.
And where there's an inside, there needs to be something inside, too :) 
I started this orange and gold necklace a long time ago, but unfortunately run out of beads before it was done. It took me quite a while to get new ones and finish it, and now another while to figure out which clasps to use. In the end I picked this antique-looking golden one end, while I finished the other end by creating a loop.
And that's how the birthday package looked like in the end:

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20 August, 2016

Just us girls

I'm not one who likes surprise trips, but when my sister announced she'd like to visit the seaside and I had to face the fact she has already booked an apartment, I obviously had no choice. How could I possibly say I'm not in the mood? It would be our first holiday in a while, and the first time all of us girls would be together after that dreadful day. And no matter how I put it, I think mom is still a lot lonelier that she'll ever admit. So, whenever one says Let's go somewhere, I will say Yes, please. 
The plan turned out to be spending three days in lovely Piran, with a little bit of sightseeing and lots of swimming. Just us girls. No man, no camper, no bicycles. No mom camping somewhere along the Adriatic coast. 

After an early morning wake-up, we headed towards the coast. 
As the apartment would only be available by noon, we had some time to walk Piran's narrow streets and enjoy the sights.

Probably the prettiest music school you will ever see
When we moved into the apartment, we soon realized it had a fantastic location and a great view from our very own terrace :)
Later in the day, the weather seemed to change with strong wind and waves and a light that made the sea appear grey. Not quite the swimming weather you wish for, but on the other hand it gave me lots of opportunities to picture the seagulls as they floated above the rooftops.
What else can be done on a windy day? Going to a museum of course. 
Nondescript on the outside, the Magic World of Shells turned out to be the greatest discovery in a while. Even though it is a small museum, it presents about 4000 shellfish and snails from all over the world that are beautifully arranged and described. Next to the exhibits that are displayed behind glass, it offers a number of interactive stops where one can touch, listen, watch and explore the underwater world. Not to mention the wonderful custodian who will gladly share his knowledge and introduce the collection to you. Definitely worth a visit!
And what about a trip to Trst/Trieste? A brief look at the architecture of the the seaport city tells the strong influence of the Habsburg Monarchy and if it wasn't for the sea, one could easily think they are strolling through Vienna.
However, we came across remains of Roman times, too.
As well as a beautiful church that turned out to be the Serb-Orthodox Temple of Holy Trinity and Saint Spyridon. Unfortunately, it was closed - I sure would love to have a sneak-peek at its interior :(
A quick walk over the Piazza Unità d'Italia before we'd head back to the car. Turns out sister's colleague was a handy guide and chauffeur, and a wonderful host overall. But of course the people of Primorska always are :)
Another view towards the gulf of Triest from the promenade car driving past the promenade...
... And a spectacular golden sunset seen from Koper, before we tried the best pizza ever.
Another night, another day - and Piran decided to show its most charming site. From blue skies and peaceful sea...
... To the parish church of St. George that offers views all over the city. And in the end, it's all those little things that make you love Piran...
But then again, also the quiet part of the coast that is known as Nature reserve Strunjan has its charms. Nothing can beat a walk by the sea as the tide is setting in...
... Except maybe another stunning sunset in Koper. Or maybe a superb dinner?
And since it turned out to be so great, we decided to ask whether it would be possible to extend our stay for another day. It was. Another chance to enjoy the city lights and some local snacks.
In the end, all the shades of blue didn't make it easy to pack...
... But after a short detour to Izola, we headed home for good...

Note to self: suntan cream won't do as long as it's stored somewhere in your bag. You need to actually apply it on your skin, just like you're telling everyone to do. Turns out the little while I spent in the sun was a *little* too much, but then again if you don't follow the rules, you will feel the consequences. Literally :(