26 July, 2016

Recycling sunshine

It's been a while since the ladies at Path of positivity asked me to be their GDT for a month. With the invitation came sets of sponsor digis to work with, among them an image of ladybugs and flowers from Deede's Digis. I've printed the image back then, and made up the idea of yellow/orange blossoms on a summer card, but I was a little bit too brave with cutting it, so it turned out a bit too small to be used. Instead of printing it again, I went with one single ladybug I used in a New Year's card.
The flower image remained unused and uncoloured, buried somewhere in my stash. But every now and then, I had yellow/orange flowers on my mind. Now - in a seizure of creativity - I took out the digi and my coloured pencils to finally get the project done. 
For a while, I couldn't think of matching background paper, until I remembered remains of a green flower-power paper I used ages ago
In addition, I used a yellow card base - another thing I absolutely had to have, but never used later. Now, the tiny yellow border seemed to match the outside of the card, while I decided to cover the bright background with a sheet of white on the inside. To make the image stand out from the bright background, I used two different kind of green papers, 3D paper pads and motive scissors to spice up one edge of the paper.
As I was obviously in recycling mood, I decided to use pearls that remained after various crafting projects - huge perals, single pearl leftovers and pearls in unusual colours that didn't seem to fit anywhere.
To add a little colour on the inside, I added a raffia ribbon that I gently attatched on the side and formed to a bow. Believe it or not, it's just another recycled piece I received lately wrapped around a booklet of my former student residence. 
In the end, some of the footprints sunshine left in our garden this year. Have a lovely week ;)
A little contribution to the July collection of Create in Austria - artwork created by Austrians and/or in Austria.

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20 July, 2016

Once upon a time...

... Our primary school teacher took us on a one-day trip to Poden/Bodental. We were told we would visit the Märchenwiese - which would mean fairytale pasture - and of course we expected to see something including fairytale creatures, a dwarf house and probably a children's playgrund. When we arrived, there was nothing. In the eyes of a child who imagined to see some kind of rural Disneyland, the view of grass and forest certainly resulted in a huge disappointment.

As we've lately started going on not-too-distant one day trips, I've been exploring possible options and stumbled upon the fairytale land. The pictures looked promising and a day after fighting muscle soreness following the Svačica/Bielschitza trip we thought we'd give it a try. 
Another early morning wake-up, another quick drive through a beautiful part of nature and off we go. Past grassland and a clear little creek...
... To a land of watermills that drive a wonderful wooden scene
Until the first views open across the mown lawn
Time for a little detour from the main road towards the tiny pond of crystal clear water called Jezerce/Meerauge in which - according to a legend - once an oxcart disappeared within seconds only to re-appear in lake Bled weeks later.
A little more grass and forest
Until the view clears again to show what many call one of the most romantic Alpine meadows. And thank God there's no such thing as fairytale creatures, a dwarf house and a children's playgrund!
On the way back, what can be better than pure cold water from the spring and a meal with a view?

~ the end ~

Aiming high

I might be a lazy thing overall, but I can hardly resist a walk in unspoilt nature. We've been talking about going somewhere for a while, and a trip to the Celovška koča/Klagenfurter Hütte seemed like a good idea. 
My unofficial plan however included a visit to the peak of Stol/HochstuhlIn style of my latest planespotting adventure, I started to prepare mom for my detour a couple of days in advance, but I couldn't find much support for my idea. The more I researched, the more I felt confident to do it, and the more she seemed eager to keep me away from it. But I couldn't quite let the plan go...

After an early morning wake-up (I can, if I want), we found plenty of space on the upper parking spot in Rute/Bärental, from where a trail leads past meadows and forests...
... Until it starts to rise above the valley and gives first sights of the mountains.
Past poisonous plants...
... And less dangerous ones
Lots of Alpine animals to see, and slowly, the cottage comes to sight, too.
After a little rest, it was time to get moving again. Officially, the destination was still the Belščica/Bielschitza saddle, however I was still secretly rooting for Stol.
The wonderful thing about mountains? Their magnificence as such. Over stones and scree, new views open up at every corner...
Kozjak/Kosiak in the background. With a little more than 2000 m above sea level, it would be a rather easy option to hit the 2000 mark again after ages. However, I rejected a tour on its paths as I thought once I'd reach the Belščica saddle I would have the chance to continue to the *slightly* higher Stol, which happens to be the highest peak of the Karavanke/Karawanken
Kozjak on the other hand lies in opposite direction.
After the saddle-part of the climb was done, the debate started all over again - me insisting on Stol, mom insisting on No. In a compromise, first was a walk across the blooming hillside, protected by the slopes of Vrtača/Wertatscha.
Sneak-peek to Slovenia, and one last unsuccessful try to continue the way towards Stol.
Back on the saddle. As Stol remained a no-go, I managed to get permission for climbing half way up Svačica/Bielschitza instead while mom and my lilttle sister would wait at the saddle.
Svačica ahead, Kozjak in the background. I couldn't deny my disappointment for a moment, but one can not remain mad for long with such beauty around.
More views towards Slovenia
The impressive northern side of Vrtača
And Poden/Bodental somewhere underneath
Of course I wanted to get the most out of the day, heading for the mountain top. I've climbed well past the first half of the mountain already, reaching the peak that comes before the actual summit. Being one who - if it is at all possible - does what they say, I actually did think of turning around to *technically* keep my promise ;) but in the end, I decided to do the final meters anyway.
Svačica/Bielschitza, 1958 m above sea level. When I first climbed it 2 yers ago, it was rather a spontaneous action of me and mom in response of mom's man teasing us we could never make it, not even the saddle. One look, and in a moment the decision was made: Off we go. 
Looking back now, I still might not get the meaning of the words engraved on the summit cross.
Some more summit views, before heading to the saddle, where I'd face one single question: "You've been at the top, haven't you? I knew you'd do it when you took off." Uhm... Well... 
Walking to the valley turned out to include a shower, because for the second time in the day, no one would listen to me - even though all I wanted was to wait 20 minutes for the rain to pass :)
Wonderful roots - and certainly not your regular birthplace
In the end, we were soaked through and through within minutes, but thanks to the sun dry again by the time we reached the parking.
Trophy of the day :)

~ to be continued ~