26 August, 2020

Beach fantasy

I don't seem to be doing much right now, but I managed to make quite a progress in the past months: I'm far from where I've been in March and amazed at what I can accomplish already thanks to medicine (the evidence-based one!) and a number of wonderful healthcare staff. While some let me down in a way I never thought was possible, others have gone far beyond their time and obligation to guide and guard me. And during an absolutely fantastic rehabilitation stay, which turned out to be the best thing that happened in this crazy year, I used the crafting hours to create this beach scene. Because it seems that all the sea I'll get this year fits on a 20x20 cm canvas. 
I cut the golden shells from a napkin and originally planned a circular arrangement of shellfish in the middle of the picture, but as soon as I started crafting my fantasy took over and decided to create something completely different. 
Before I glued the napkins onto the base however, I gave it a white undercoat with acrylic paint. Then, I sealed the entire surface with napkin varnish as I figured out it would be much easier to protect the canvas this way rather than navigating around all the additions that will come afterwards.
After that, I dedicated my attention to the remaining emptiness: after much consideration, I came up with a swirly paper cord and a blue wooden anchor that got entangled in shells and seaweed. Looking back, I could have turned the smaller shell just a tiny bit to make sure both shells don't face in the same directon, but then again it's a beach and the shells align as they please ;) 
To balance out the prominent napkin border on the one side, I placed a bit of dry grass on the other side of the beach scene. To finish off the scenery, I added a few pieces of gravel here and there.
Gluing everything on the canvas turned out to be quite a challenge. While the clear varnish worked fine for the napkins, I just couldn't find a proper crafting glue for everything else. I tried mosaic glue, but everything came off once it dried, and no other adhesive was in sight. 
In the end, I used a hot glue gun and even that only worked after many attempts. Who knew you have to handle it so fast in order to make it stick properly, and then re-glue things all over as they fall off again and again? And then hold everything for ages hoping it will stick this time? 
Finally, I think I can still be pleased with the result, especially given it was my first try with the hot glue gun and the pieces are still on after a month :) 
Since everything still looked a bit empty, I decided to splatter a bit of diluted golden acrylic paint all over my project with an old toothbrush. 
To sum it up, I don't think any of this (canvas, materials, techniques) would be my first choice if I was in my own crafting corner, but on the other hand, I'm quite used to a change of plans when it comes to crafting. Also, in a foreign space with limited materials, you just take what is there and make the best of it. 
And maybe, now that I'm back home and literally back on my feet again (I hope!), maybe I'll be able to get back to my old crafting self?

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avoid a potential infection while navigating through everyday life i.e. shopping and city walks, and I cannot imagine taking any more risks than that as most people just don't seem to care about simple measures like keeping a distance or wearing masks properly. I know it can be tiring, but we're 6 months into the pandemic and these things should go without saying by now, no excuses. Also, as beautiful as they can be, I cannot consider holidays an essential thing while there's a deadly virus around the corner. My sea therefore is my fantasy for the moment, a mix of memories and plans I'll carry out once the time comes.)
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