26 February, 2017

Praha part IV - Animal city

What do you do if you want to combine discovering a city with spending time in nature? Obviously, one possibility would be going to the Zoo. With the Prague Zoo being rated as one of the top Zoos worldwide, the decision to go there was even easier. 
But first things first, what can be better than starting the day with an early morning view of Vltava river with Prague castle in the distance? 
Given an October morning can be chilly despite the sunshine, the jungle pavilion turned out to be the perfect opportunity to warm up. 
As we were quite early, many species were still busy with breakfast.
Or even still in bed :)
As beautiful as autumn colours can be. 
However, the tranquility might just as well be an illusion.
Nice stockings
Off to the Elephant Valley! With two elephant babies born recently, the place was certainly one of the Zoo's main attractions with many people waiting to see the calfs. Little Rudolf was apparently born just days prior to our visit.
Right across the street, a huge African savanna is home to giraffes & Co. 
Lots of birds, too
Where did you get these pants?
Off to the felines! Muci, muci, muc :)
And then maybe some reptiles?
Big tortoises. Not pictured: the Chinese Giant Salamander. Amongst the creatures in the house is the largest specimen in Europe, and it must have been the one that scared the crap of me when I looked straight up in the underwater tunnel.
The other main attraction of Prage Zoo: a Western Lowland Gorilla baby, a surprise birth to everyone as nobody even knew the gorilla lady was pregnant. And while big daddy had his nap, junior is all about keeping his mom busy. 
And who would have known ice bears like to backstroke?
I'm a penguin and I'm way too fast for you to catch me.
So beautiful feathers, so many legs. Unfortunately, due to rain setting in, this was the end of our Zoo visit. We did manage to have a look at the majority of species from morning until early afternoon. Actually, we only skipped the children's zoo (more or less) and hurried through a part or two, but the again one could wander around in the areal for a lot longer if there's a will and enough time.

~ to be continued ~