24 August, 2015


A quick entry inspired by the current city crafter challenge that requires only one corner to be used. As in my previous card, I decided to work with a white floral paper, on which I placed a couple of flowers. To finish the bouquet I used punched branches and two larger leafs that were once part of a gift decoration.
As they use up almost the entire height of the card, I decided to stretch the motif in width, too, by adding a white ribbon with three pearls.

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22 August, 2015


You may wonder, Can she make it simple? A card with no stitching, no patterned paper and few embellishments? 
Surprisingly, she can :)

I must admit, when I was new to blogland I had no idea what a CAS challenge was looking for. I actually had to google it up to find out the mysterious code stands for "clean and simple" :) Turns out I did make easy cards now and then, but at least when I discovered pickpoint, those cards seemed to vanish from my crafting corner. Even though I tend not to make cards that are overloaded with flowers, bows and glitter, there are so many the things a card should have... A couple of pearls here, a couple of flowers there, a ribbon or a lace, a punched butterfly - and in no time I'm far from CAS.

Last evening I decided to give it a try anyway, working with the latest sketch of freshly made sketches
I picked a white paper with a tiny floral pattern as my main focus, and combined it with a blue background paper. For the bar that goes through the middle of the card, I used punched flowers with pearls. As an even line would be too rigid for the soft blossoms, I arranged them in a soft wave-like line.
Then, I glued it all together, and the card was done. Pretty quickly in comparison to my usual crafting projects. Pretty CAS in comparison to what I usually do.

The trace of blue matches my last lavender faggot, which I decorated with a heart-shaped charm that says "made with love". (How comes I miss the lavender season every year?)
But above all, it matches fluffy white clouds in the blue sky. What a pity to watch them from underneath! 

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Time for another card, this time one in brown and blue, featuring a nautical motif. And again, it's a stitched one - I guess I just can't get away from pickpoint :) Which is quite OK as I want to remind you of the August Fadengrafik challenge that says "On the beach". Join the fun and submit your stitched summer cards until September 1st.
Now, a few words on the card itself. Unlike my usual crafting process, which consists of stitching a motif and looking for everything alse afterwards, I first picked the background paper and then combined the rest.
I decided to stitch a boat motif I've used last year already, only this time I stitched it in colours that would match the paper. This way, the soft yellow of the sun above the sailboat looks rather like a full moon.
For the rest of the card, I decided to use a little richer decorations than usual: in the upper corner, I put yellow flowers, a bow and a charm in form of a shell.
In the lower corner I put blue flowers, ribbon and punched white branches that look like corals.
Additionally, I used a couple of star-shaped pearls and shimmering gemstones.

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18 August, 2015

Pretty in pink

My second card for today is a blooming one in pink and white. The central image is made with decoupage on cardboard and was part of a gift box I created a couple of years ago using roses in different styles and techniques. Now, I decided to unmount it and place those motifs on separate craft projects.
I've already used one piece of it in the red cross-stitched rose card for mom, and over the past week, another piece found its match. I didn't want to interfer with the pink roses in the middle, so I used a simple white background fabric with a tiny silver foliage pattern.
Originally, I planned to add pink pearls only, but as it looked a bit too empty, I added a couple of roses and white pearls, too.
Surprisingly, the card fits exactly to the lavender faggots I made a while ago. And even more surprisingly, I managed to create a whole card without stitching :)

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Ladybug hugs

As promised, I'm back to remind you of the current Path of Positivity challenge "Opportunity".
If you want to see what I prepared for the challenge starter, and meet a wonderful big-eyed girl by OddballArtCo, have a look at one of my previous posts.
For the midway inspiration, I'll share a card with a lovely ladybug from our second sponsor Deedee's Digis.

It's only a quick card as I had a pretty busy weekend:
To match the ladybug, I wanted to combine the image with some red and white paper, probably one with polka dots. When I was going through my paper stash however, I found this green clover/bug paper. As it's pretty playful itself, the only embellishments added are a few red rhinestones, and tiny white pearls on the bug image. 
It must have been part of some New Year's paper pack, but I decided to use it even though we're in the middle of summer. Somehow, it reminds me of all the people who make resolutions on January 1st, only to break them in a couple of weeks. What they don't realize is that success of a decision doesn't depend on the date it's made. Rather than that, one has to be ready and willing to make a change happen. Every day can be an opportunity to turn your life around, stop an annoying habbit or start something you've always dreamed of. 

Talking about opportunities: there's still plenty of time to submit your "Opportunity" related project for the current PoP challenge. Join the fun til September 6th to win some of the wonderful prizes ;)

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11 August, 2015

Happy birthday

Even though I seem to be quite a lazy crafter lately, it's not the laziness that bothers me. I simply don't find the time, or the energy, to get lost in papers, stamps and patterns.
As I'm not a morning person, getting up and being on time for my internship is a torture, and when I come home in the afternoon, I usually take a nap, only to wake up in the evening and see the day has gone. There's still time to cook a little something, but the rest of housework piles up and waits for the weekend to come.
I never thought work can be so tyring, and weekends can pass so soon, but I guess it's about time to enter the real world. Blah.

Nevertheless, I managed to have a crafting weekend and get some projects done. Among them, a birthday card for mom. I found this wonderful pickpoint pattern a while ago and finally had the chance to use it. I decided to sew it with soft beige and white shades, and combined it with pearls of the same colours.
In the center of the stitched frame, I put a couple of 3D roses and two punched butterflies.
For the background, I used a transparent paper with white roses, which I decorated with a tiny golden sticker.

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06 August, 2015

With a song in my heart

A quick last-minute entry for the latest scrapping4fun challenge "Music notes/Instruments".
There's not much to say about the card itself, except that I've stitched the swirls quite a while ago and they were meant for another patterned paper. In the end however, I found out I wouldn't like the combination, so the stitching remained in my storage for quite a while.
Now, I tried this musical background. As it has a great pattern, I added very little embellishments - a couple of pearls, rhinestones and flowers.
Most of all however, the card goes with one of my favourite tunes, "With a song in my heart" by wonderful Ella.

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04 August, 2015

Path of Positivity - Opportunity

Ready for a challenging challenge? One that doesn't ask for ribbon, embossing, fairies or your favourite colour? You might want to visit the Path of Positivity, which is looking for something positive each month, something encouraging and motivational that goes with the particular challenge theme.
I stumbled across this "different sort of challenge blog" about half a year ago as a participant, and have now been asked to join as GDT for August (Thanks, ladies!).
So, the challenge that starts today and runs til September 6th, says "Opportunity". You may interprete it as you wish, given it is in a positive way. You can work with any material or technique, or just write a little something on what "Opportunity" means to you.

For the start of the challenge, I decided to prepare an easel card using a digi from OddballArtCo, one of our sponsors. Isn't she wonderful, just sitting in the grass, with all the animals around? And those big eyes! Needless to say I instantly fell in love with the young lady.
Funny, she reminds me exactly of a girl I know, full of energy and always looking for a way to have a good time. Due to several reasons however, having a good time is a secondary issue if there isn't enough money to pay the rent by the end of the month. I must say, despite all the fundraisers that bring up the topic of the poor on a regular basis, it really struck me to see how close to us this poverty might be hidden.
Shouldn't every child have the opportunity to have something to eat, something to wear, and above all, somebody to like them? As I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to lose track on where your money goes after you give it to charities, or what part of the money actually reaches those in need, I decided to wrap up "Opportunity" in sharing a pizza, going to the Zoo, or just have some fun in the park - all legal and family safe, no worries ;)

This card will probably end up in her place, too, some time soon.
To match the grass in the image, I decided to use a grass background paper and green cardstock. For the colouring I used coloured pencils, and that's about it.
To make sure the cards isn't all too boring, I used a couple of rhinestones and pearls, a white sheet for a short note, and three flower-shaped beads with raffia.
I wasn't sure about using the sentiment that came with the image, but in the end it fitted nicely.
That's all from me for today, make sure to have a look at PoP to see what the rest of the crew prepared for you. Stop by again for the midway post on August 17th to check out our second sponsor Deedee's Digis. Above all - don't forget to play along, it would be a pitty to miss the opportunity of winning some great prizes ;)

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- papertake weekly: take your pick (colour theme: green)

02 August, 2015

Off to Oostende

I guess it's about time to explore more of Belgium. To be precise - off to Oostende!
After a week of lectures, rain and wind, the weekend promised to bring some leisure time and sunshine. Spending time at the Belgian coast seemed to be a good idea however, it seemed like half of Belgium had the same plan. As I left the train, an endless queque of people rolled towards the sea, greeted by the shrieks of seagulls.
Seagulls are also one of the first things you get to see in Oostende, next to the harbour and the church of St. Peter and St. Paul.
On the promenade, you can find lots of opportunities for quick snacks, as well as lots of feathered stalkers begging for goodies.
The seaside town offers a nice little Aquarium that introduces you to the underwater-life of the North Sea
Finally, time to take off the shoes and put the feet in the warm sand :) And in the not-so-warm North Sea.
 Angry birds :)
The natives didn't seem to bother, swimming in front of the Miami-like hotels brrrrr
Part of the promenade leads way into the harbour entrance with the futuristic lighthouse. And although the wind that comes from the open sea is pretty cold, you don't feel it at all when you sit down on one of the benches behind the rocks. A great opportunity to listen to the waves, smell the sea, enjoy the sun... and get a nasty sunburn.
Note to self: a sunscreen in your handbag won't do, you need to actually apply it on your skin.
Lucky at the end of the world ;)
Blue skies, blue sea and seagulls... life is good :)
Sandcastle exhibition
Castle for sale
By far the most prominent vehicles at the seaside
~ to be continued ~