02 August, 2015

Off to Oostende

I guess it's about time to explore more of Belgium. To be precise - off to Oostende!
After a week of lectures, rain and wind, the weekend promised to bring some leisure time and sunshine. Spending time at the Belgian coast seemed to be a good idea however, it seemed like half of Belgium had the same plan. As I left the train, an endless queque of people rolled towards the sea, greeted by the shrieks of seagulls.
Seagulls are also one of the first things you get to see in Oostende, next to the harbour and the church of St. Peter and St. Paul.
On the promenade, you can find lots of opportunities for quick snacks, as well as lots of feathered stalkers begging for goodies.
The seaside town offers a nice little Aquarium that introduces you to the underwater-life of the North Sea
Finally, time to take off the shoes and put the feet in the warm sand :) And in the not-so-warm North Sea.
 Angry birds :)
The natives didn't seem to bother, swimming in front of the Miami-like hotels brrrrr
Part of the promenade leads way into the harbour entrance with the futuristic lighthouse. And although the wind that comes from the open sea is pretty cold, you don't feel it at all when you sit down on one of the benches behind the rocks. A great opportunity to listen to the waves, smell the sea, enjoy the sun... and get a nasty sunburn.
Note to self: a sunscreen in your handbag won't do, you need to actually apply it on your skin.
Lucky at the end of the world ;)
Blue skies, blue sea and seagulls... life is good :)
Sandcastle exhibition
Castle for sale
By far the most prominent vehicles at the seaside
~ to be continued ~

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