14 September, 2014

Birthday cake

Even though our birthday celebrations were always kept simple - a "Happy Birthday" with kisses, hugs and flowers from our garden instead of tons of presents - mom always made sure there was a wonderful and tasty cake in the center of our table. No matter what we came up with, mom magically fulfilled our ideas: from fruit cakes, animal-shaped cakes, biscuits...
We are a little grown up now, and studying away from home, but there's still no "real" birthday without a cake for me. So, I decided to make my own cake tonight.

I used the pattern from splitcoaststampers.com, but only made 5 slices of the cake as the simple way of birthdays kind of stuck with me. However, each piece has a different flavour: chocolate, strawberry, mango, raspberry and blueberry :) For the decorations, I (for once) didn't want to complicate things and decided to put matching roses on all pieces.
When all was done, I filled the cake with some candy - after all, cakes are meant to be eaten ;)

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