31 January, 2016

In thankful memory...

Usually, there are three kinds of letters in my mailbox each month: payment slips for my operating expenses, power and phone. 
Last week, I was surprised to receive one from Münster
I wouldn't need to look at the sender as post from Münster can mean one thing only: questionnaire time. It has been a while since the UKM team got in touch regarding state of health and possible health issues, and even though there is nothing major to report (yay!) it has always been a pleasant feeling to know that I'm being followed so closely, and that I can contribute a little something to future treatment improvements. 

However, the envelope didn't include a questionnaire this time. Instead, the letter started with "Regrettably" and informed of the passing of study leader Prof. Dr. med. Günther Schellong
I must admit, it took me quite some time to process what was being said. 
I never met the faces behind the long-term follow-up project, but I always knew they were taking care of me. 
This weeks' bouquet for Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen, orange roses in a crystal vase I got myself at the second hand shop.
In thankful memory...
It's not that the studies will stop now, they'll only be moved to another place and put in the hands of another careful team. 
Still, something will be missed deeply. 
Something unique, something good.

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