24 January, 2016


A cold January afternoon, somewhere between sunshine and fog. A quick stroll through the city center after having pizza wth a friend, a stop at Prešeren square to watch a street performance. This time, it featured a guy with a pot of soapy water, creating clouds of bubbles. 
It's fun to see how people stop upon something unexpected, but in the end only the kids are brave enough to participate in the game and catch the shiny things as they're floating towards the skies.
Do we live inside bubbles, wandering around afraid of touching anything and anyone? 
Are we afraid of failing to an extent that makes us afraid of trying altogether?
Are we ready to sacrifice our dreams just because it might not work out in the end?
What is the point of feeling miserable when what you'e aiming for might be just in front of you?
Dare to catch it!
I'm not into graffiti usually and consider them scribbling rather than art, but it might be due to the fact that most of those I see are indeed insults with no artistic meaning whatsoever. Lately however, I found one that actually made me stop and search for my camera.
A little contribution to the gallery of sky images at Raumfee.

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