24 January, 2016

First tulip

My first tulip for the Friday-Flowerday at Holundrbluetchen
I didn't mean to get myself tulips yet, but on my bubbly way home after having pizza with a friend, we came past a coffe shop that regularly displays fresh flowers at their entrance. They don't do so in winter, but the ther day it was a bouquet of yellow tulips. And just like so many times last year, my friend sneaked close to the bouquet to pinch one of the flowers and hand it to me. After a little (not too strict) *lecture* on not taking things that don't belong to you I took it home to put it in my kitchen.
More of spring in front of my apartment building: I never considered January to be the month of snowdrops, but I must admit I like this kind of white outside :)


  1. The snowdrops are beautiful, now I know the English word for the German "Schneeglöckchen" which means little snow bell :-))
    Greetings from austia, helga

  2. I think the yellow tulip looks very nice in your kitchen. And I like snowdrops, too. They are so beautiful! There are a lot of them in my garden.
    All the best for you! Edith from Germany

  3. Oooo kako lepo, prvi zvončki. Lp