27 December, 2016

NRW skies

After lots of talking and a short night surrounded by moving boxes, it was time to change Düsseldorf for WuppertalThe first said goodbye with a magical morning lightshow...
... While my first impression of the latter was a quick hand-written note my sister handed me, with directions of how to find the new apartment. Turns out I'd be the day's vanguard, awaiting the moving company while my sister would make sure everything goes smoothly in the old apartment. And even though I wasn't sure, I managed to find everything as explained, only to fall directly into exploring the new place.
And how cool is a roof apartment with a whole additional attic?
Especially when it's located a little bit uphill and offers views like that!
And after a first round of unpacking and arranging the first goods around the place, it was time to get a *real* first immpression of the city. Judging according to a superb dinner at Morena, it certainly couldn't be anything but fantastic.

~ to be continued ~


  1. WoW kako čudovite barve si ujela v svoj objektiv :-))

    1. Hvala Andreja. Nebo je včasih res čaroben kino ;)