12 March, 2016

Simple in white

I didn't really expect to get myself flowers for the week, but walking through the flower market, these caught my eyes. 
After I cut the branch into pieces that would fit my small bubble vase, I put the green leftovers into a white mini-orchid pot.
A little contribution to the Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.

Unfortunately, the sky decided to go with "simple in white", too.
However, after a long sleep-in and an extensive warm shower (gotta love extensive warm showers on a Saturday morning), I had my planespotting highlight of the day: because I couldn't find my camera as they were flying directly above my head for the frst time, the guys of EasyJet decided to make a go-around at LJU and showed up at above my place again for a proper shot. 
Well, they probably had a better reason doing so, but as long as the AvGeek side of me gets happy I'll continue thinking it was for me :)

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