30 March, 2016

Busy Easter

Time is flying again, and it has been a while since I've done any craftng. 
In fact, I'm constantly working with paper but as I'm busy with one of my last (and biggest) exams, it's rather books than scrapping. Well... 
And as I'm trying to be disciplined :) the holidays passed without any decorating, eggs or taking major time off. Just a visit from home, going to see mom's aunt and an exhibition of Easter eggs at the Ljubljana castle
Looks like various easter bunnies have been really busy, too, as the collection contained all kinds of eggs in different materials, techniques and sizes. From ones traditionally painted with onionskin and plants to scratched ones, to those decorated with straws, yarn, tissue, stones, crocheting, mosaic, pearls and other kinds of bling, and even eggs made of paper and wood. 
Among all, my favourites: drsanke and pisanice from Bela krajina - can't help ;)
Almost as bright and colourful as the eggs underneath - the unique ceiling of the castle chapel.
Dove love

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