15 May, 2014

Polymer clay

Once upon a time... I was crafting with polymer clay.
Actually, polymer clay was the reason that probably got me into crafting a couple of years ago. It all started with a "Bottles of Hope" workshop in the Maximarket when I met Klavdija and entered the world of fimo clay :)
Which again led me to the crafting forum "Otok zakladov", where I probably re-discovered my childhood creativity - first with paper, later with polymer clay, and now mostly with beads.
However, I seem to be completely out of touch with polymer clay. I guess my most productive time was the time of "Bottles of Hope" and workshops with Klavdija, but then I somehow put my fimo materials aside for "later".
I did take them out a couple of times for a few projects, but most of them remained unfinished. Just like those two pendants and the ring. After the baking was done, it took me ages to get them polished, lacquered... And it was only now that I finally put the pendants on a string!
I better don't show the pendants that are still waiting :(

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