12 April, 2015

And then there were nine

Bye, bye books!
I guess I'll think of maculae, petechiae, purpura and rashes for a while when looking at lilies, but it could be worse. After all, everyone has some kind of déformation professionnelle ;)
9 more exams to go, that certainly is less than 10! It's not the short final yet, but at least it feels a little closer :)

And at least for a short while it was time to see the sun before the next exam gets me behind the books again. In fact, I was even a little too brave walking around in a pullover only, and barely made it to the pharmacy today to get something for my sore throat. At least I can say the glimpse of spring was worth it ;)

Even though many trees are still naked...
... many are blooming already...
... and it's just as colourful underneath them on the grass
Last but not least: make sure to take care of the kids, cyclists and motorbikes  - they've finished hibernation and are back to share the roads ;)

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