12 March, 2017

Praha part VII - Blue skies

It's hard to believe how you can get attatched to a city - or distracted by it - in just a couple of days. All I can say about Prague is that it completely stole my heart and I will certainly want to come back one day, the sooner the better. 
For this time however, it was time to pack our things, drop off mom at the train station and head towards the airport. Making sure I wouldn't be late ended up in waiting, but in the end it was time to go.
And even though it seemed like there's nothing but grey above, the clouds started to dilute as soon as we were in the air. 
Czech forests and fields surely would make a great hiking holiday one day.
For the definition of "contrast", either buy a dictionary or board a plane ;)
As happy as an AvGeek can be...
Signs of winter
Into the clouds again
In between the clouds
Soboth reservoir
Almost home
Back to grey

Since mom refused to go to any restaurant for lunch/dinner due to her idea of Czechs ripping off tourists (despite me carefully checking where to go according to our daily program and recommendations), my where-to-eat-list is shortened down to buying chlebíčky in a local bakery and the most delicious hot chocolate I've ever tried at Ječmínek. Might explain why we ended up at their Můstek branch whenever we drove by with the metro, and even why we sometimes drove to Můstek just for the chocolate. Uhm. 
For other tips than that, I can only once again redirect towards the awesome info of Honest Prague Guide - the best guides any city may wish for.

~ the end ~

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