01 September, 2017

Munich part II - A very special rose

A bunch of leaflets scattered in front of the main University building, just like they've been dropped here moments ago. 
Seemingly endless stairs, different in styles and details, connecting one corridor of lecture halls with another without actually leading you somewhere.
An empty atrium, just like back then, when the last pamphlets were pushed over the edge of the parapet on the second floor.
A glass cupola that irritated me for quite a while until I realised its strange appearance had nothing to do with my senses - its circular shape wasn't a really round circle at all.
And collonades as a quiet reminder of the time when independent thinking was far from self-evident and no emergency exit seemed to be available.
It must have taken immense courage and a profound belief for the group of mid-twenty students to speak up against an apparently omnipotent regime and point at the crimes that were going on. 
In their home university, a quite hidden memorial plate reminds of the White Rose, alongside with a more prominent monument in the main hall and an exhibition dedicated to the well-known WWII resistance group. 
And after a quet weekend exploration in the city center...
... I headed south to the Perlacher Forst. Turns out the old cemetery does its name justice, looking more like a quiet forest that a sterile line-up of gravestones. 
After a little bit of getting lost, I managed to find the core of the group with the help of GeoHack.
Due to the recent anniversary, the grave of Hans and Sophie Scholl, and Christoph Probst was decorated with huge bouquets alongside with many tiny souvenirs that people seem to bring along.
Finding the grave of Alexander Schmorell on the other hand took me a little longer, even though its located literally around the corner. Again, GeoHack turned out to be a great tool, but I still must have passed it a couple of times before the beautiful Orthodox cross caught my eyes.
And as the sun went down, a quiet peacefullness spread through the place. With the cold setting in however, it was time to head back to the vivid city again.

~ to be continued ~

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