19 February, 2014

Reminds me of...

Some time ago, I decided that violet and silver would fit nicely in a delica triangle.
As I was beading it, I felt the pendant would remind me of "something" and yet I couldn't figure out what it could be. Only after the triangle was done it suddenly occured to me: of course, violet represents Milka! How could a chocolate lover like me not realize that earlier?
Back then, I beaded a silver-violet ring too, but I put the pendant aside to finish the necklace later. However, this "later" never came.
With Milka-girl Tina Maze doing showing such superior results at the Olympics, it really was about time: I decided to keep the necklace simple, adding just a tiny metal chain and a small clasp. Even though I didn't plan to make the piece for myself, I now like it so much that I've decided to keep it :)

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