16 February, 2014

When Mother Nature reveals her powers

I guess I haven't fully realized how the weather hit big parts of Slovenia in the beginning of February as the conditions in Ljubljana didn't really affect me. The trees were covered with ice, but since I live close to the city center it actually looked lovely. I even went for a walk through the winter wonderland.
Maybe we tend to be comfortable as long as there is electricity, and so it was only when following the news day after day that I began to see how many people ended up without electricity and heating, in their homes literally covered with ice.
Today, two weeks after the trees collapsed under the ice, I went to the Ljubljana castle. Located in the middle of then city, I couldn't recognise my usual walking paths and the hillside.
I guess I can never imagine how damaged other parts of Slovenia are and how long it will take for people and natur to recover.
However, I realized something happier, too: it looks like spring is in the air :)

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