26 March, 2014


Simple white rose on a handwriting-background. Inspired by the White Rose I first wanted to use one of their leaflets for the background, but it seemed to be a bit too "hard" for the fragile flower. Also, the message was a bit too "readable" for a sympathy card, I think.
I probably stitched the rose more than a year ago and planned to use it on a sympathy card, but the right idea just wouldn't come. Recently, I saw they had a couple of new swirl-papers at Rayher, and I suddenly knew how to use the rose ;) To make sure the card wouldn't be all too empty, I added a tiny silver sticker to the rose, and a couple of beads in the corners.
The red background seems to be a little too intense, but I'm not sure whether it's true or is it just me not being satisfied, as always? :)

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