18 March, 2014


Sometimes I wonder how the crafting companies know how many beads to put in a box, because no matter what you do there are always some beads left at the end of any project.
That way, you either end up buying another box for another project or storing almost empty boxes with beads that don't really fit anywhere.
Trying to avoid both of the above, I decided to use some 2.2 mm delica beads that left over a while ago, and do whatever I can with them. As I'm trying to use up some of those almost empty boxes in my collection, I especially wanted to finish whatever it would be without buying another box of beads.
I decided to make some triangular earrings but expected to run out of beads, so I modified the pattern a little bit. Instead of making two identical layers for each triangle and stuff the space in between, I finished the upper layer of the earlier, which makes the whole thing even more interesting to me.

In the end, I used most of the remaining beads to form a ring, but as you can imagine, a few beads left over to make sure the vicious circle never ends :)

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