21 June, 2014

Un grande Giro

From photography to crafting:
Compared to the cycling fan I used to be, I'm now quite out of touch with what is happening in the pro peloton. With my busy schedule, I'm glad if I can catch up on what is happening with Jani, and basically, that's it.
I had great hopes for Jani in the Giro, not because of me but because I know he had trained hard and wanted to perform well. Unluckily, it was all over after a few stages.
But, with Luka Mezgec winning the final stage into Trst, I think I can say it was a Slovene Giro after all. Nothing could have been better, not from the sporting point of view, and especially not from the historic one.
I'm not a mean person, but I'm especially happy for those Italians who thought an Italian winner would be most appropriate to celebrate the 60-year anniversary of Trst and its surroundings becoming part of Italian soil. I know that the Slovene win, which is far more appropriate, hit hard and I'm fine with that.

The pink pendant is in style of this years' first grand tour. As the race interferred with my exam, I only made the necklace afterwards, but nevertheless the message is clear: Trst je naš.

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