29 June, 2014

Congrats, champion!

Did I mention I love pickpoint? From when I discovered the prick-and-stitch technique, I can't stop, and if I wanted to try all the patterns I have in all the ways I want, I would have to become 200 years old.
By chance, I came across the fadengrafik-challenge lately and realized there is a soccer/sports-card challenge running. Why not? As always, I had a couple of ideas on my mind in the beginning, but I decided to go for the trophy as it can be connected with any sport. Blue swirls match the blue background, while white swirls make sure there isn't too much blue in the card.
A few pearls in the corners and on the trophy, and the card is finished, waiting for the champion. 
p.s.: Did I mention the Tour of Austria starts in about a week and Jani is going to participate? YAY!!

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