01 July, 2014

Tour de Slovenie 2014, prologue (Ljubljana, June 19)

You know you still are a cycling fan when your heart rate increases when going to a cylcing race. Mine does. And as Ljubljana once again hosted the opening time trial of the Tour de Slovenie, I "had" to be there.
The feeling was far from when I had all my guys together in my favourite team and I was familiar with many of the team's staff, far from when Jani is racing, but still - there were Horner and Tiago, and that about outweighted the fact that I barely know most of the young riders that are in the pro-peloton these days.
So, it was just an ordinary visit to the race, a few laps through the team parking area and hanging around in the start/finish area.
Far from lurking around the team area for hours before the teams even arrive, far from camping in front of the bus all day long, far from capturing the guys' every move, and of course also far from seeing familiar faces among the mechanics and soigneurs and far from getting caps, autographs and water bottles.
I really must have been a crazy fan back then. *sigh*

Some impressions from the prologue:
Team Lampre-Merida was (apart from the Slovene teams) one of the most occupied by fans. No wonder, they brought Chris Horner!
Cannondale with Matej Mohorič and Kristijan Koren
To the regret of many Slovene fans, Katusha's line-up didn't include Simon Špilak
Radenska is this years' "kindergarden-team", due to the average age of their teenage-cyclists
Many exotic teams were on the start as well
Team NetApp with Blaž Jarc and Tiago Machado
At the start ramp
The photos are meant to capture the moment, and that's just how they look. Far from professional, but it's all about feeling the race ;)

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