31 July, 2014

Something for boys

At craft-alnica, it's time for a men's "something", and I decided to go for a card. Only I couldn't figure out what to do - a classic pick point, colouring, something sexy probably? You see, there are so many ideas when it comes to cards for a guy!
Firstly, I thought of stitching something, but as I'm more and more occupied with two major projects right now - one is my neurology exam and the other one my bathroom - it would probably take me too much time.
Making another bikini card was my next idea, but as I have no particular man in mind, I decided to make a "mad-card". Not that I'm particularly mad at someone, but well, you never know ;)
So, I used a motif I had coloured a while ago, only I never knew what to do with it after that - guess green is not exactly my kind of colour, and don't ask me why I've chosen it back then :). Now however, I remembered this funny green flower-power paper that I once bought and never knew what to do with it after that - guess green really isn't my colour :)
Anyway, the papers seemed to fit perfectly, but needed a little something to complete the card. I tried punched flowers, charms, buttons and ribbons, but discovered that roses would do best. A few blossoms in the upper and lower corner, a few pearls, and after all the card doesn't look that awkward - even though it's green :)
Plus, it doesn't look all too angry even if it is a "mad-card". Because you just can't be really mad at your man as long as you make cards for him ;)
As brownsugarchallenge is looking for boys' stuff, too, I'll enter that challenge as well. Off to bed now :)


  1. Voščilnica je zelo luštna. Zelena barva ji prav paše :).
    Srečno na izpitu.
    Hvala, ker si se nam pridružila na 113. izzivu CRAFT-alnice. Lp

  2. Hvala Janja :) Kot vidiš se zdaj malo igram z blogom, na otočku sem pa bolj malo ker mi album nagaja in ne morem nalagat slikic. Kar pa ne pomeni da ne ustvarjam ;)

    Lp Verica

  3. Zelo je lepa :-))
    Hvala, ker se igraš z nami po “moško” v CRAFT-alnici … Srečno!