10 March, 2015

Serendipity in purple and white

The March challenge at Path of Positivity is looking for serendipity. What would that be?
Mr. Google says something like:
  • finding something good without looking for it
  • the effect by which someone stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated
  • the art of making happy discoveries
So, it's basically about finding some unexpected happiness or something dear you weren't looking for. I'm not sure whether happy discoveries are art or coincidence, but I guess a big part depends on what makes you happy in first place.
I for myself, often happen to find unexpected wonders in the small things, and in the big one called Mother Nature that provides them all. Some - like beautiful sunsets, or the sight of a squirrel - are to be admired, others - like flowers, or four leaf clovers - you can even take home and create your own little bouquet of happiness.

We also used to do lots of crafting with flowers, leaves, branches and berries when I was a child, and it gave me just as much fun as playing with "real" toys. Even better - while toys stay the same all the time (well, until they break ;)), nature changes from season to season, from week to week. And still, it's full of surprises.
It is now obvious that spring has arrived, the temperatures are rising (at last!) and the spring flowers are blooming. As I *should* be learning, the only ones I've seen were those in front of our apartment building though. However, since mom and my sister came to visit me during the weekend, we took the time and went up to the castle. Halfway on the castle hill, a spectacular view opened up: snowdrops and crocuses as far as one can see!
I remember walking through snowdrops in my great-grandparents' place when I was a child, but looking at this field of blooming flowers, I must say: it looks like I haven't seen real spring in years! Isn't it a stunning view? It didn't give me anything "material" (apart from a bouquet of snowdrops), and it's not that I couldn't live without it, but I sure would miss something if I hadn't seen it.
Could it be serendipity that made us take this path to reach the castle?


  1. As a writer, I truly appreciate your post. Your description brings the hill of crocuses and snowdrops to life, and serendipity surely played a part in your discovery. Thank you for sharing your serendipitous experience with us at the Path of Positivity.

  2. Hallo cheiro urgia,

    ein Blütenmeer aus Frühblühern.
    Das sieht so umwefend schön aus.
    Da hast Du wieder tolle Fotos geschossen.
    Bei uns kommen die Frühblüher auch so langsam raus. Die ersten Krokusse und auch die Schneeglöckchen lassen sich blicken.

    Danke für die tollen Frühlingsfotos.
    Gruß BAstelfeti

  3. Nature at its best. This is so perfect for our SERENDIPITY theme this month. Thanks for sharing your talent with us and good luck.
    {Path of Positivity DT Member}
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Wow Veronika, this is beautifully written. Serendipity indeed. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us over on the Path of Positivity during our Serendipity challenge. Good luck in the draw.

    ☺ Lisa D.
    Path of Positivity – My Challenge Blog!
    Décosse’s Dynamite Doodles – My Personal Blog!
    Co-coordinator for The 12 Months of Christmas Link Up!

  5. I voted for your post at Path of Positivity because I was most inspired by your lovely discovering of a field of spring flowers.