05 March, 2015

The other side of castle hill

Usually, I take one of the routes that start in the city center when I walk up to the Ljubljana castle. It doesn't take long till you are on your own, in a green oasis in the middle of the city. A quick walk during the day gives you everything you need: great views and new discoveries, a healthy rise of blood pressure and a gasping for air that reminds you of your non-existent fitness :)
A little away from the crowds of tourists, lies the Šance area of the hill. It is easy accessable through an avenue and represents what was once located inside the castle walls. However, these fortifications are long gone now, and their remains were transformed to a lovely promenade by Jože Plečnik.

It's a great place to explore bridges and stairs...
 ...and enjoy the views, sometimes as far as to the Alps with Triglav
Some more stairs in the old city center
And today's bonus: find the squirrel ;)


  1. Hallo cheiro urgia,

    das sind wieder wundervolle Fotos.
    Wir hatten am Wochenende auch sooooooooooo tolles Wetter und ich habe meine Frühblüher rausgepflanzt und die Rosen in die Erde gebracht.
    Danach hatte ich schwarze Hände *lach*.

    Gruß BAstelfeti