02 May, 2015

Kraków part III - Old town motifs, Collegium maius

Diverse motifs from the old town and the Jewish district Kazimierz. The streets of Kraków are incredibly clean, lined by old town houses and palaces. Graffitis are rather rare and most of the restaurants have tasteful, original and unique decorations.
The huge St. Peter and Paul church near the main square, with statues of the apostles lined up in front of it. Next to it, the romanesque church of St. Andrew, and like many of Kraków's attractions the complex has a bronze model and short description placed next to it - even in Braille alphabet.
Seen all over Krakow, whether on altars, facades, as souvenir or monument: pope John Paul II.
Another notable building is the Jagiellonian University, one of the oldest universities in the world. Its oldest part is Collegium maius in the old town with a museum, but even when the museum is closed, you can have a look at the courtyard and walk through a colourful corridor into the professors' garden and try a couple of experiments. 

~ to be continued ~

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