03 May, 2015

Kraków part V - Kraków by night

Even though the mornings were quite fresh, Kraków doesn't seem to cool down in the evening, so you don't need anything extra to wear when strolling through the streets of old town after dusk.
However, the mass of people on and around the Rynek surprised me. The restaurants are full, and so are the streets. It might be due to the tourists, but mostly it's Polish you hear from people buzing around you.
And even though it's a catholic country, every third building in the old town is some kind of "gentlemen's club".

Not exactly my interest, therefore a couple of impressions of the main square instead
Grünwald monument
And since walking all day long makes tired and hungry, one will start looking for a place to eat sooner or later. Personally, I discovered and loved Pizzeria Cyklop (fantastic pizza with interesting toppings and a kind of dough I never tried before), Polskie smaki (authentic Polish food, cheap and very yummi) and Glonojad (vegan, lots of choice).

~ to be continued ~

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